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History and Development of Color Leaflet Printing

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Printing is a necessary tool for the diffusion of knowledge and culture. The emergence of this industry has reduced the difficulty of communication by orders of magnitude and is a catalyst for the development of human civilization. The printing industry has a long history with the footsteps of culture. From the movable type printing in the 11th century, to the invention of the printing press integrating related technologies in the 15th century, to the photo-etching gravure technology that appeared in the 19th century, and the phototypesetting technology that appeared in the 20th century. The increase of ink types and the improvement of printing methods also make this industry gradually expand from ordinary solid color printing to color leaflet printing.


The development history of printing technology can be roughly divided into three stages: "lead and fire", "light and electricity", and "0 and 1", which correspond to the analog age, the coexistence of digital and analog, and the digital age. And color management was once regarded as a magical skill. Color leaflet printing must be realized by a closed electronic system. Only a few R&D personnel master this technology, and the related patents are strictly protected. When computers became widespread and a large number of people became proficient in using the tool, the closed color printing system came to an end.


The color leaflet printing industry, which brings rich color experience to users, once experienced a crisis. The cost of precision instruments is too high and cannot be promoted, and the low-cost production system can only complete low-standard color leaflet printing work pieces, and the user's acceptance is extremely low. To this end, the International Color Council (ICC) has developed standards for color printing for the first time, which has stabilized this growing industry. 


In order to present more delicate and precise colors in color leaflet printing, new color management ideas are constantly being developed. A new generation of color management products takes a broader view of this process, focusing not only on device color rendering files, but on the color data itself. The colors created based on the RGB environment must be produced in the CMYK environment, which means that there must be suitable links to complete the conversion and connection, in order to obtain a good color leaflet printing effect. Nowadays, the demand for color leaflet printing in the market is increasing, but the proportion of "jobs" with a small amount of printing is also increasing. How to adapt to the market demand more flexibly and widely is the problem that the color leaflet printing industry is facing.


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