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Hardcover Children’s Book Printing-BookPrintingChina Guide

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If you’re an author, illustrator, or publisher looking to create a captivating children’s book, you’re in the right place. This guide will take you through everything you need to know – from format and size to cover, interior paper, color printing, and everything in between. Let’s dive in!

oem hardcover children's book printing

As an experienced provider of custom hardcover children’s book printing services, we at BookPrintingChina understand the importance of capturing a child’s imagination. The quality of a book’s physical attributes can significantly contribute to this immersive experience. It’s not just about the story or illustrations, but how those aspects are presented in a tangible form. Hence, we ensure the best possible quality, from cover to inter, to create a book that children will cherish for years to come.

When it comes to children’s hardcover book printing, several factors must be considered. These include the book’s format, size, cover, interior paper, page counts, and special finishes. Additionally, the quality of the artwork and printing can greatly impact the final product. Our team at BookPrintingChina is dedicated to guiding you through each of these elements to ensure your book is a resounding success.

Format: Square, Portrait or Landscape?

Choosing the right format for your children’s book printing(whether paperback or hardcover style) project is more than just a design decision. It can significantly affect how engaging and accessible your book is to the young readers. The three main formats are square, portrait, and landscape.

square or portrait or landscape format

Square format is a popular choice for children’s picture books. It offers ample space for illustrations and text without making the page look crowded. Moreover, its symmetrical shape gives a sense of balance and harmony, which children find appealing.

Portrait format, which is taller than it is wide, is ideal for storybooks with more text. The vertical orientation allows for longer lines and more words per page, making it suitable for stories with a more complex narrative.

Landscape format, on the other hand, is wider than it is tall. It provides a panoramic view, making it perfect for books with expansive, detailed illustrations. This format is often used for adventure and fantasy stories where the visuals play a significant role in the storytelling.

All three format are popular in custom hardcover children’s book, but according to our over years of children’s book printing experience, square format is more preferred by authors and younger readers. Because it provides suit space for illustrations and text. Besides, square format is more easy to hold and handle, especially for younger readers.


Size is another critical factor in hardcover children’s book printing. It determines the book’s portability, how comfortably it fits in the young readers’ hands, and how much content can be fit onto each page. Too small, and the text might be difficult to read. Too large, and the book might be unwieldy for tiny hands.

Small-sized books are easy for children to handle and carry around. They are perfect for simple stories with minimal text and illustration. Medium-sized books offer more space for text and visuals, making them suitable for more complex stories. Large-sized books, with their broad pages, are perfect for detailed, intricate illustrations that draw the readers into the story world.

We recommend considering your target age group when choosing the size of your book. For toddlers, smaller books with simple text and rich illustrations are more popular. For example, toddler hardcover board books, 6” x 6”, 7” x 7”, 8” x 8” etc size is recommend. For younger children, larger books with big, bold illustrations can be more engaging. Such as 8.5″ x 11″, 10″ x 10″, 8.5″ x 8.5″, 11″ x 8.5″ etc. sizes are most popular for children’s picture book that target younger children. For older children, smaller sizes with more text might be more appropriate. Such as 6″ x 9″, 5.5 x 8.5″, 9″ x 6″.

Cover Material

The cover of a book is the first impression a reader gets. In the realm of hard cover children’s book printing, the material you choose for the cover can significantly influence the book’s durability, aesthetic appeal, and tactile experience.

custom hard cover children's book

Hardcovers made from high-quality cardboard provide sturdiness and longevity. They can withstand rough handling by young readers and are ideal for treasured classics or collector’s editions. Usually, for the cover of hardcover children’s book, we recommend 157gsm glossy or matte art paper mounted on 2-3mm grey board. Then the cover surface with lamination to form a layer of protective film, offer resistance to moisture and stains.

Special paper, cloth or leather covers, although less common, lend a vintage charm and textural richness that kids find fascinating. But if you need, we also can provide these options for you.

Interior Paper

The type of paper used for the interior pages of your book impacts the readability and overall visual appeal. In bulk hardcover children’s book printing, two common choices are glossy/matte art paper for full color printing and uncoated paper for black and white text printing.

For full color printing, coated paper is the most popular option. Glossy art paper, with its shiny surface, makes the colors pop and details stand out, perfect for vibrant, lively illustrations. Matte art paper, on the other hand, has a non-reflective surface that gives the pages a soft, elegant look and feel.

custom print hardcover children's book

The paper thickness often directly affect your book quality, but it will depends on your page counts. For the less page count of children’s hardcover book (for example less than 40p), we recommend 128gsm, 157gsm glossy/matte art paper as interior paper to achieve better quality result. If want more thicker touch, we can provide like 200gsm art paper.

For black and white text printing, uncoated paper is a popular choice. Its non-glare surface is easy on the eyes, making it comfortable for reading. Plus, it gives a warm, natural feel to the pages, enhancing the reading experience. For example, coloring book, sticker book, workbook etc project, we often recommend use uncoated paper to achieve cost-effective result.

Page Counts

The number of pages in your book, or the page count, is another crucial aspect to consider in custom hardcover children’s book printing. It influences the book’s thickness, weight, cost, and the pacing of your story.

For young readers, a lower page count is often preferable. Short, succinct stories with quick pacing can keep children engaged and prevent boredom. As the age group increases, so can the page count, accommodating more complex narratives and themes.

BookPrintingChina can accommodate different page counts, from a few pages to a more extensive book. Consider the age group and attention span of your target audience when deciding on the length of your book. Remember, it’s important to strike a balance between engaging content and keeping the book manageable for young readers.

Dust Jacket and Slipcase

To add an extra touch of elegance and protection to your hardcover children’s book, you can opt for a dust jacket or slipcase.

A dust jacket, a detachable outer cover, not only protects the book but also serves as a marketing tool. It can feature captivating artwork, a compelling blurb, and author information, enticing readers to pick up the book. For dust jacket, often recommend 157gsm gloss or matte art paper, then lamination, or foil stamping, vs spot uv, etc on the surface.

printing hardcover children's book with dust jacket

A slipcase, a box-like cover that slides over the book, provides an extra layer of protection and gives a luxurious feel. It’s an excellent addition for special editions or collector’s items. For slipcase, common use 157gsm gloss or matte art paper mounted on 2-3 mm grey board(depends on your size and budget). To make the slipcase looks more special and eye-catching, also can add like foil stamping, spot uv, emboss, etc. special finish on the surface.

custom slipcase hardcover children's book printing

BookPrintingChina offers customization options for both dust jackets and slipcases, allowing you to showcase your book in a visually appealing and protective way.

Special Finishes

To make your hardcover children’s book stand out, you can consider special finishes. BookPrintingChina offers a range of options, such as foil stamping, spot UV coating, and embossing.

Foil stamping uses heat to apply a metallic foil to specific areas of the cover, creating a shiny, eye-catching effect. Embossing creates a raised or recessed relief on the cover, adding a tactile element. Spot UV involves applying a high-gloss finish to selected areas, making them stand out with a 3D effect.

Artwork Tips

Quality artwork is the soul of a children’s book. BookPrintingChina recommends providing high-resolution artwork files to ensure the best print quality. Here are a few tips to ensure your illustrations shine in the hardcover children’s book printing process.

First, the artwork should be in CMYK color mode and have a resolution of at least 300 DPI.

Second, it’s also essential to keep important elements within the designated safe zone to avoid any trimming issues during the printing process.

Third, Keep a consistent style throughout the book to create a cohesive visual narrative.

Lastly, consider the age group of your readers. Younger children prefer bold, bright colors and simple shapes, while older kids appreciate more detailed, sophisticated illustrations.

Following these tips will help you achieve stunning visuals in your hardcover children’s book.

Printing Quantity

The quantity of books you choose to print in one run can greatly affect the cost per unit. Because we use state-of-art offset press for mass quantity printing to keep professional quality result. So bulk printing typically offers a lower cost per book, making it an economical choice if you’re confident about the demand for your book.

If you’re testing the market or on a tight budget, such as print for family or partners, print-on-demand services might be a better fit. They allow you to print smaller quantities as and when needed, reducing upfront costs and inventory management efforts.

In the world of hardcover children’s book printing, every detail matters. The format, size, cover material, interior paper, page count, special finishes, artwork, and printing quantity all play a role in creating a book that captivates young readers. But after understanding and carefully considering these aspects, you can ensure your book not only tells a great story but also offers a delightful reading experience.


BookPrintingChina is committed to delivering high-quality printing for your hardcover children’s book. We use advanced printing technology and employ skilled professionals to ensure accurate color reproduction and sharp details. Each book goes through a rigorous quality control process to guarantee that the final product meets your expectations. With BookPrintingChina, you can trust that your hardcover children’s book will be printed to the highest standards.

Contact BookPrintingChina today to start printing your hardcover children’s book and make a lasting impression on young readers. Not just hardcover books, other type like paperback and board book printing,  all we can do it in professional quality printing.

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