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The cover production process of hardcover book

Time: 2021-06-08 Hits: 172

Hardcover book printing process is developing towards individualization and diversification.

1. Cutting for the cover grey board

The cover grey board for hardcover book printing in China is flat-sheet size of 1350mm×920mm. When cutting the grey board, you should first cut off the grey board edge of about 10mm from the four sides. Then calculate the size of the book cover grey board according to the book size. Then, according to the economical arrangement plan, the back of the book should be cut along the longitudinal lines of the grey board fiber as much as possible. In addition to the single-sided paper cutter, the mesh cutting paperboard also uses a round knife paper cutter connected with the paperboard flattening dryer.

2. Book cover making process

According to different format and book block thickness, the process of gluing the cut grey board, cover mounting material and pitch diameter together according to certain specifications is called book case. The equipment used is called a book case machine or a glue-sealing machine. The book case maker can be used to make full-face bookcases, and also can make face-to-face bookcases.


The book case machine is mainly composed of a glue brushing mechanism, a cover, grey board, and medium-diameter paper conveying mechanism, an edge wrapping and corner wrapping mechanism, and a compacting and conveying mechanism. Complete the work from the material conveying to the completion of the hardcover book case.

After the book case is finished, it must be dried to remove the moisture in the adhesive during paste sealing and to ensure the normal progress of the next process. There are two drying methods, natural drying and artificial drying. Natural drying time is longer, generally more than a day. The artificial drying time is short, and it can be dried with circulating air, or infrared drying, high-frequency drying, etc. Most printing factories in our country use natural drying methods.

The finished book case also needs to be decorated to make it more beautiful. The decorative processing of the hardcover book case is to print text and patterns on the book case according to the requirements of the original design. According to the surface material used when the book is made, it can be completed by hot stamping, embossing or printing.

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