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Gloss VS Matte Lamination On Baby Board Book Printing

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Both gloss lamination and matt lamination are popular in board book printing. Know about their features and pros and cons are very important.


glossy vs matt lamination board book

What does Lamination Mean in Printing?

Lamination, also known as laminate, laminating, which is a post-process technology in the printing industry. The process of lamination is through heating to transfer the transparent thin film on the printed product. Then dried to form a thin protection layer on the surface of the printed product. After laminating, the printed product surface with the feature of dust-proof, waterproof, tear resistance, brightness, etc. Lamination technology is widely used in various of printed product surfaces, especially popular in the toddler board book printing field.

The Lamination Types

Lamination includes glossy lamination, soft touch lamination and matte lamination. Among them, glossy lamination and matte lamination are most popular on book cover surface.

Gloss VS Matte Lamination: What is The Difference

glossy vs matte finish1. Surface is different

Glossy lamination on board book , which surface is bright. Matte lamination on board book, which surface is matte.

2. Touching is different

Glossy lamination on board book surface, which touches very smooth. But with lamination, which touches frosted. It doesn’t feel as good as the glossy lamination board book.

3. Different clarity

The glossy lamination has high transparency, so the definition is also high. While the definition of the matte lamination is relatively low.

4. Color expression is different

The board book with gloss lamination, the color looks more bright and rich. While with matte lamination, the color looks relatively soft and nature.

Why do So Many Board Books with Lamination?

1. Protect the book

The baby board book with lamination, which can add an extra protection layer to the paper. First, the paper surface with lamination to make it with tear resistance feature. Even the baby with the habit of chew or tear off book, who will hard to damage the book. Second, the folded line of the board book with lamination, which can prevent the folded line position from happening burst. Third, lamination can form a protection layer for printed color and prevent the color change cause of damp.

2. Improve board book printing quality

Lamination can make up for the quality defects of printed products to a great extent. Many apparent defects that appear during the printing process can be covered after lamination, especially after matte laminating.

3. Extend board book service life

The board book after laminating, which makes the book with features of waterproof, tear-resistance and moisture-proof. For frequently used board book by baby, lamination on the book surface is a better choice for extend its lifetime.

4. Low cost

Compared to other post-processes, lamination is a more cost-effective way to apply on the board book. Not only the cost is cheaper, production time also short than other surface finishing. Selecting lamination to custom board book can achieve both improve printing quality and save cost, win-win.

Gloss VS Matte Lamination on Board Book Printing: Which is Best

Glossy lamination on the board book cover and inner page, which makes the color more bright and rich. Bright colors are easier to attract children to read. According to research shows children prefer brighter colors from an early age because their eyes are not fully developed yet. They perceive these colors better than fainter shades. Bright colors and contrasting colors stand out more in their field of vision. As children constantly strive to make sense of their environments, objects that are stark and bright are more stimulating and interesting. One of the first ways they learn to sort things is by color. Colors are some of the earlier words they tend to learn, which is why the easily named, more basic colors appeal to children.

Besides, glossy lamination is more smooth than matte lamination. Smooth touch makes it easier for children to flip through. Glossy lamination on board book surface, not only easier to attract children’s attention, also brings better touching feel for them.

Board book surface with gloss lamination, which is easy to clean and not easy to leave scratches or dirt. While matte lamination is not easy to clean and easier to leave scratches.

Although matte lamination is not bright as glossy lamination. But matte lamination is more friendly for children’s eye protection. According to the related survey, when the children reading bright color books under strong light for a long time. It is easy to cause eye fatigue in children and if things go on like this, it will hurt children’s eye. Print board books with matte lamination, the color looks relate soft and nature. Even reading under the strong light, it will not form the refraction of light and will not harm children’s eye.

Besides, the cost of matt lamination is higher than gloss lamination.


Both matte lamination and gloss lamination have pros and cons. Not the say of which is best, it depends on personal choice. Gloss lamination on board book, bright and colorful colors are more attractive for toddler. Gloss lamination is more suitable to apply for normal board book printing. But if you want to custom print a board book with high-end and elegant sense, matt lamination is more suitable. Also, lamination can combine with spot UVfoil stampingembossing, etc. To make your board books more stand out in the book market.


Part content of this article “children prefer brighter colors from an early age……why the easily named, more basic colors appeal to children” is quoted from “Rachel Pancare, 2018, How Do Bright Colors Appeal to Kids? [sciencing]”

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