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Four details should be paid attention to in leaflet printing

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Enterprises usually distribute leaflets in urban commercial streets to promote their products and tap potential customers. Therefore, many businesses will order a large number of reliable leaflet printing in order to achieve good results. However, a large number of customized leaflet means that once flawed errors occur, it will cause cost waste and affect the company's image, so pay more attention to details when printing leaflet.


Detail 1: Choose paper

Before leaflet printing, you must first determine what kind of paper to use, as well as the grams and thickness of the paper. It is necessary to avoid budget expenditure caused by improper paper selection. In addition, choosing the right paper can effectively prevent the leaflet from becoming a card and affect the effect.


Detail 2: Explain the requirements

Good communication is a good guarantee to ensure work efficiency, as is the case with everything including leaflet printing. Enterprises should specify detailed requirements in the printing and printing company to ensure the fast and efficient completion of printing and typesetting. If things are not communicated well, unnecessary troubles can arise both in and after printing.


Detail 3: Determine the ink

In addition, pay attention to the choice of ink. The company determines which ink to use in the printing of the leaflet to ensure the effect of the finished product. Try to choose ink that lasts for a long time and is not easy to fade and fall off, so as to ensure that the leaflet can be used for a long time, because a large number of printed leaflets cannot be distributed in a short time, and poor ink will lead to blurred handwriting after long-term storage. As a result, the publicity effect is reduced, which is also not conducive to the user's understanding of the content of the publicity leaflet.


Detail 4: Postpress Correction

In mass printing, post-press correction is required, including checking text and grammar pictures, to ensure the effect of leaflet printing.

Four details about the printing of the well-serviced leaflet have been completed. However, for enterprises, in order to play the role of the leaflet, it is necessary to pay attention to the content and form of the leaflet, which is consistent with the needs of users. Therefore, a requirement is put forward. When designing a leaflet, it is necessary to dig out the needs first, and then design it, so as to ensure that the effect of the leaflet can be maximized.


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