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Foil stamping knowledge in sticker printing

Time: 2021-09-16 Hits: 203

sticker printing 

In recent years, with the development of the commodity economy and the influx of foreign capital and technology, the domestic printing and packaging industry has been greatly developed. In particular, the printing of cigarette packs and labels is a prominent embodiment of the use of advanced technology in the printing industry. How to introduce advanced technologies and processes into our daily production, and make these technologies and processes practical and localized, so that they can be used as tools in the development of new products in production. This is a topic worth discussing in the printing industry. Now the China printing company will talk about the combination of gilding and sticker printing.

First, the sticker foil stamping process is divided into cold stamping and hot stamping. The principle of cold stamping is mainly to use pressure and special glue to combine the anodized aluminum with the substrate. The whole process does not require heating, and does not require foil stamping and pad technology. At the same time, narrow web rotary machines are relatively expensive and complicated to operate. Economic and convenient. Its high foil stamping speed can reach 120 meters per minute. However, the cold stamping process started late, and due to the large consumption of anodized aluminum during the foil stamping process, the gloss of the anodized aluminum after foil stamping is not as good as foil stamping, and the effect of gravure foil stamping cannot be achieved. Therefore, the project has not yet formed a scale in China. Application, from the perspective of future development trends, this is a technology with huge potential and worth developing.


The principle of blanching is believed to be familiar to everyone. Simply put, there are three major material elements: machine, anodized aluminum, and foil stamping. The three major elements of technology are: temperature, pressure and speed. The bronzing method ranges from round pressing to round pressing, round pressing to flat pressing. When it comes to machines, anyone who is familiar with this process knows that Stoner, which belongs to the Swiss Bobst Group, is recognized as the king of bronzing; in the area of electrochemical aluminum, Kurz is undoubtedly the leader in bronzing; and when a printing company owns the foil stamping machine and anodized aluminum, the foil stamping version becomes very important. The German hm company is part of the Kurz Group, and its foil stamping version can combine the machine and the anodized aluminum. Therefore, there is often a joke in the bronzing industry: "When a bronzer possesses these three things, no matter how hot it is, you can't blame the heavens and others." Of course, the pad technology is also very important in the foil stamping art, and to master this technology, it can only depend on experience. Therefore, in complete terms, in addition to the available machines and consumables, the experience of the printers in China who play a decisive role in the blanching process.


Secondly, the hot stamping process has made considerable progress in sticker printing applications in recent years. In particular, lasers and aluminum alloys, through the transfer effect of hot blanching, make the label products colorful and difficult to imitate. In view of the particularity of label anti-counterfeiting, anodized aluminum usually uses a thinner PET film and glue layer to facilitate transfer, so as to achieve the purpose of large-scale, high-speed production. Compared with the cigarette package printing process, because sticker printing has less trouble of combining anodized aluminum with varnish and ink, the production efficiency is higher. In addition, there is a topic that can not be ignored. When the hot stamping plate is used for pressing the laser and removing the aluminum alloy, in addition to the surface is clean and smooth, there is also a mirror polishing process to prevent the aluminum alloy from being dull and distorted after transfer. So that the label products are smooth and shiny, this can protect the brand and improve the product grade. With the development of cold stamping technology, more and more China sticker  printing companies have taken the development of technology and the expansion of application fields, as well as the industry's icing on their efforts. In these two kinds of printing products, machines, consumables and technology have developed to the point where foreigners are amazed.

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