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Eight trends in global package printing

Time: 2019-12-11 Hits: 231

It is said that the packaging market has unlimited potential, but how many of these 8 trends in global packaging do you know? These information will be helpful for China printing.


For many brands, the first impressions is important that need to be aware of. Like all forms of marketing, it changes with customers’ tastes and emotions — such as the current demand for sustainable packaging.

Here are eight key trends brands should attention now:

1. Bold color

Standing out from the crowd isn’t the only challenge brands face. They must also stand out from the chaos of e-commerce sites.

2. Innovation

Packaging does more than protect the product. It is the product of creativity and design, which will arouse the interest of consumers.

3. Sustainable packaging

Consumers want environmentally friendly packaging. This is a trend in packaging. Most big brands are trying to use recycled materials in their packaging.

4. Simple

Simple packaging is defined as packaging that contains only necessary information.

5. Retro nostalgia

Retro packaging may be the opposite of bold colors and modern packaging, but it’s also popular with consumers. They are drawn to vintage packaging because it relates to their cultural memories and easily resonates with them.

6. Transparent packaging is more realistic

Transparent food packaging has become a top packaging design trend. Consumers increasingly want to be able to see the actual products they buy.

7. Increase customer experience

“Unboxing” videos on YouTube are arguably hugely popular. Consumers get excited when they open the package to show what they have bought.

8. Related to your career

Benefit marketing is a strategy for brand enterprises to promote their products through CSR actions.


It’s time to think of packaging as a need, rather than simply adding it to landfills. So now we need to think more about in china paper bags printing.

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