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E-book VS Paper Book: Which Is Better For Children Reading

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Parents debates about E-books and paper book: which is better for children reading? And it is difficult to reach a consensus in the end. In fact, there is no absolute good or bad between the two, it depends on parents’ guide and participation.

According to statistics, the age of children who use electronic products is showing a trend of getting younger and longer. And the usage of time is getting longer and longer. Among them, electronic reading accounts for most of the time of children. As a result, debates about whether children can use electronic products for reading also arise. And it is difficult to reach a consensus in the end. Parents feel confused: How should we choose between electronic reading and paper books? So, let’s summarize the two schools of thought that support e-reading and paper books, and see what their reasons are?

Arguments in favor of paper books:


paper book reading

First: E-reading connects with the Internet, the content is too much and miscellaneous. It is difficult for parents to control. Then, only paper reading can cultivate children’s interest in reading. But electronic reading limits children’s imaginative thinking ability. Finally, Electronic products are very harmful to children’s eyesight. Which is estimated to be the key factor why many parents reject e-reading the most.

Those who support e-books believe that:

ebook reading

E-reading has a huge information storage capacity, and with the help of the Internet. Massive resources can be obtained anytime and anywhere, which is convenient and fast. And the most attractive thing about electronic children’s books is the interactive nature of sound and form. Through the poking of children’s fingers, the birds on the tree sang songs, and the puppies on the ground ran happily. The lively and vivid pictures greatly increased children’s interest and expanded their reading experience.

The advantage and disadvantage between e-books and paper books

1. Paper books are better to protect children’s eye. E-books are not suitable for a long time reading, it will hurt children’s eye.

2. The price of printed children’s book is higher than e-books, E-books are cheaper, or even free.

3. Paper books are easier to cultivate children’s concentration. Children can get rid of the interference of electronic products directly, but e-books cannot. Whether it is a mobile phone or a reader like Kindle. It will have functions that distract children, such as time and messages. May prevent children from concentrating on reading.

4. E-books are more convenient and portable than paper books.

E-books and paper books: which is better for children reading?

The Joan Ganz Cooney Center in the United States released a new survey not long ago. Among the 1,200 parents who have parent-child reading experience. It does not include this in the participation and guidance, and the emotional communication between children and parents. Thus, when it comes to children’s reading, it doesn’t matter which product they let their children use. What matters is how parents let their children read. Parents should play a good guiding role in the children’s reading process. With the proper participation and guidance of parents. The advantages of e-reading and paper books can be well combined instead of completely opposed.

We can use e-books to add fun to children’s reading. But the mainstream status of paper books is unshakable. We want our children to fall in love with reading by e-books. We need to strictly control the electronic products at the hands of children. So as not to become an electronic drug and let children indulge in them. E-books can assist children in reading, but they cannot replace the company of parents.

Parent-child reading, beyond any carrier, is the best reading experience for children! Electronic reading has the advantages of a large amount of information, strong interaction, and easy portability. Moreover, electronic products are necessary tools in our work, study, and life. It is impossible to keep children from touching them. As long as we guide them well.

E-books and paper books: how to balance?

ebook VS paper book

1. On reading content, parents should choose and screen for their children

More important is to choose to read content that is suitable for the age of the child. Parents should know what kind of book children should read. And what content your children need to read. If the child in the family is under 3 years old, try to choose books with many pictures, rich pictures and texts, and novel forms. Such as children’s pop-up books, children’s flip bookssound books, etc., to increase the child’s ability to perceive the world.

2. Parent reading with children and give them guide

Guide children to take advantage of the convenience and speed of the Internet and the characteristics of sound and text. Fully develop associations and broaden children’s knowledge. While the child feels the reading content intuitively. It is advisable to let the child take part in it and imitate some characters in the book. To further improve the child’s reading interest and deepen the child’s understanding. While participating in children’s reading, try to interact with children as much as possible. Answer children’s questions, and ask children questions on time. After reading a book, let the child recall it. Retell it in his own language, increase the child’s language expression ability. And let the child use his imagination.

3. Control children’s reading time of e-books

It is necessary to control the time for children to read electronically. It is best not to read for more than half an hour a day. Meanwhile, it is necessary to tell the children in advance that they should take a break every ten minutes or so. For children, e-books can be a beneficial part of their balanced life. Where it can co-occur in children’s daily routines alongside a range of physical activity, skill development and social interaction. Staring at bright screens for long periods of time can indeed cause eye strain.

So parents and educators should make sure children don’t stare at E-electronic product for too long. Likewise, most experts recommend avoiding digital screens for children under the age of two. Since young babies need human interaction first. Whether it is an electronic device or a paper book. At no time can it replace the contact and interaction between parents and children.

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