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Does The Books Printing Really Need To Shrink Wrap?

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When we come into the bookstore, we can see that most of the books for sale are shrink wrap. This seems to have become a customary rule for new books to be put on shelves. Some people have a such of question: does the book printing really need to shrink wrap?

book shrink wrap

Books Without “Shrink Wrap”, How Will Be?

Reading is a way for people to enrich the soul, buying books has become a daily for reading lovers. Whether you buy a book from an offline bookstore or online bookstore, the moment you buy a book you have long wanted, you can’t wait to tear off the “shrink wrap”. I trust most readers don’t care about the “shrink wrap”, even some readers will think it isn’t necessary to wrap this “emperor’s new clothes”. Because some of the “shrink wrap” is very strongest, so that when it is torn apart, there is nowhere to start. But do we can imagine that if without such of the “shrink wrap”, how the book will be?

If the books without shrinking wrap, during transport or express, the book will be happen damaged condition or show depreciation with too much scrolling. Some are even damp, and when customers get the books, the first book-buying experience will be discounted. Second, if the text on the page is blurred and missing due to moisture, it will directly affect the quality of reading. Thus, the books shrink wrap can not be ignored.

Why do Most Publishers Select Shrink Wrap when Printing Books?

For the publishers, book shrinking wrap mainly are complying with the needs of channels and readers, is also an inevitable choice for publishers to reduce costs. Shrink wrap book packaging mainly to reduce the damage possibility of the books during transport and carry. And to avoid folded pages, scratches and flipped covers, lost bonus items, etc problems caused by uncivilized behaviors of some readers during the reading process. Especially for some hardcover books, to avoid damage to the special post-process effect, like foil stamping, UV, etc. Such of books often have to be shrink wrap.

In the current book sales model, if there are problems happen in the transportation and sales of books. The after-sales costs of books still need to be borne by the publishing house. Books shrink wrap can better protect them from damage, which can reduce the risk to a certain extent. It has to be said that lots of books shrink wrap have appeared in the book market, and it is also due to the marketisation of books. Nowadays, most of the bookstores evolving into a Book Experience Center, most readers just read the book and don’t buy. If the books without shrinking wrap allow people casual browsing, the quality of the book is really worrying.

For publishers, the integrity rate of books in the transport process can not be guaranteed. And they can only increase the cost of shrink packaging. If a book with shrink wrap, even if the book is returned, it can be sold again, which also saves a lot of costs and reduces the overall loss rate.

Usually, printing books with shrink wrap, which is the most cost-effective way to protect the book. If custom book slipcase, paper box, etc package, the cost will be higher.

According to industry rules, if the quality of the book is damaged, it must be returned to the publishing house. And the publishing house will bear the loss. So, most publishers would rather pay more for shrinking wrap.

How to Shrink Wrap For a Book?

In fact, the process of book shrink wrap is the same as that of other daily necessities. In the video below, the packaging equipment is used to cover the plastic film outside, and then, through high-temperature shrinking mechanical equipment. The perfect plastic sealing effect can be achieved after shrinking. While fully showing the outline of the item, it protects the item at the same time.

Is the Shrink Wrap Eco-Friendly?

Many environmentalists are worried about the environmental protection of plastic packaging. Of course, environmental protection is a long-term plan. People often say green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains. So let’s also explain what the “material” of this plastic wrap is. Printing books in china, there are several types of plastic films often used in the plastic packaging industry: POF, PE, and PVC. These types of plastic shrink films are recyclable, and some films are also used in the food field. So there is no need to worry about its safety and environmental friendly.

shrink wrap book

Does All the Books Printing Need to Shrink Wrap?

In fact, there is not all the book need to shrink wrap. Most of the time, some types of hardcover book, to protect the book post-process from damage, will select shrink wrap for books. Also, some novel, deluxe edition comics, children’s books, coffee table books, and some other books will do shrink wrap. If you are not sure whether your book needs to shrink wrap, please contact our printing experts. We will give you some suggestions.

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