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Do you know the production standards of paper bag printing?

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paper bag 

As people pay more and more attention to the global environment and become more aware of environmental protection, many things in life advocate green environmental protection, such as shopping in supermarkets or shopping for clothes, they will use bags, and now many people go to supermarkets Bring your own bags and reduce the use of plastic bags, and some clothing stores will also use paper bags, which are beautiful, practical and environmentally friendly. Do you know the production standards of these exquisite and beautiful paper bags? China Printing Company will tell you the production standards and process of paper bags.


With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the production technology of paper bags in the carton printing factory is also constantly improving. Some paper bags use upright cotton rope lifts instead of perforated knots, and use two pieces of heavy kraft paper through hot melt glue. Fix it to the cotton rope, and then fix it to the bag with kraft paper. This is an upright bag. There is no need to perforate. This eliminates the need for traditional paper bags to perforate the bag, and then let the rope knot manually. If it is a load-bearing object excessive weight can easily loosen the knot or damage the rope hole. The transformed paper bag not only strengthens the overall structure, but also greatly improves the load-bearing capacity of the paper bag, which can withstand items weighing more than 5 kilograms.


For the design specifications of the paper bag, the top edge of the paper bag is folded to 60mm, which can strengthen the holding power of the handle, and the width of the bottom edge is 15mm, which can achieve the enhanced load-bearing capacity of the bottom of the bag. After the completion of the draft, 2 paste edges, 6 bottom edges, and 6 top edges are set as the marks of the folded paper bag, which is convenient for the shaping of the paper bag.


Commonly used specifications: S type full paper four-opening bag Size: length 18cm, width 7cm, height 27cm Paper: 15″×21″ Silk direction: parallel 31×43

L-shaped full paper folio bag Size: 22cm long, 10cm wide, 30cm high Paper: 17″×25″ Silk direction: parallel 31×43

T-shaped full paper three-opening bag Size: length 24cm, width 10cm, height 24cm Paper: 15″×28″ Silk direction: parallel 31×43

M-shaped chrysanthemum paper split bag Size: 22cm long, 8cm wide, 30cm high Paper: 17″×25″ Silk direction: parallel 31×43

X-shaped chrysanthemum paper full-open bag Size: length 32cm, width 10cm, height 45cm Paper: 25″×35″ Silk direction: parallel 25×35


The paper used is best kraft paper, because the paper quality of kraft paper is relatively tough, and kraft paper is also divided into colors. There are two-color kraft paper, white kraft paper, and yellow kraft paper. The paper quality can be divided into copperplate kraft and pure kraft. Make all kinds of handbags. Coated paper is also suitable for high-quality color printing. Those beautiful paper bags are made of coated paper, but the relative price will be higher. If you also need to make your paper bag printing, please do not hesitate to contact us. Here is a professional China printing company. Once you choose us, we will provide you with the best China printing service and quality.

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