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Do you know the knowledge of packaging printing process?

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The quality of packaging and printing technology directly affects its market. Professional China printing company reminds you that you must especially consider its process design when choosing a boutique packaging and printing company. Different packaging materials will have different printing processes. Since paper packaging materials are widely used in real life, the following takes the printing process of paper packaging materials as an example to explain the relevant knowledge of packaging and printing processes by printers in China.

1. Packaging and printing methods

There are a variety of printing paper packaging methods, different operations and different printing effects. Traditional printing methods are divided into four main categories:

(1) Relief printing means that the graphic part of the printing plate is higher than the non-graphic part. The ink of the ink roller can only be transferred to the graphic part of the printing plate, and there is no ink in the non-graphic part.


(2) In lithography, the graphics and non-graphic areas of the printing plate are kept flat, the graphic areas are covered with an oil film rich in grease, and the non-graphic areas absorb appropriate moisture. When ink is applied, graphic parts will repel water to absorb ink, and non-graphic parts will absorb water to form an anti-ink effect.


(3) Screen printing In screen printing, under the squeeze of the squeegee, ink leaks from the mesh of the graphic part to the material, the mesh of the non-graphic part is blocked, and the ink leaks to the material to print the print.


2. Packaging and printing process


1) The bronzing process. The performance of the hot embossing process is to heat the required hot embossing or silver embossing pattern into the relief plate, heat it, put the aluminum foil paper of the desired color on the printed matter, and then press to paste the aluminum foil onto the printed matter.


2) Laminating is a surface treatment technology after printing. This technology uses a laminator to cover the surface of the printed product with a transparent plastic film to process the product.


3) Compared with relief printing, gravure printing makes the graphic part of the printing plate lower than the non-graphic part, thereby forming a groove shape. The ink is only covered by the grooves, and there is no ink on the surface of the printing plate, and the paper covers the top of the plate. The printing plate and paper are under pressure and the ink is transferred from the grooves of the printing plate to the paper.


After reading this article, do you know more about the packaging and printing process? Welcome to follow our website: /, we will update some new printing knowledge on the website regularly, if you have any printing needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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