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Conversion rate of designing and printing catalogs for corporate marketing

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The marketing of corporate catalog design and printing plays an important role, just as we often express it as "brand catalog" when we refer to catalogs. Anything that consumers come into contact with in life, work and other occasions is a representative of the brand image. The catalogue directly faces the customer group of the company in business activities, and its role in spreading ideas and introducing products is more prominent. Therefore, when an enterprise develops the preparatory work for the design catalog, it should be positioned based on the height of the brand. We have a vivid description of the function of the promotion catalog: "Your sales representative may not necessarily meet the decision makers of Party A, but your catalog may be seen." In summary, the corporate catalog is related to the brand's grade and marketing.



3 important factors on how to make a perfect corporate catalog :


1. Logical strategic planning

Many companies are in the process of upgrading the old catalog to the new catalog. The original catalog stays on the design. The strategic planning and creativity are insufficient, and even the design skills are not good. It is difficult for us to convince the target customers with the various missing catalogs.

2. Design strategy is the helm

A catalog printing without a strategic direction is blind. No matter facing the market or the consumer, a poorly prepared catalog cannot target the market and customer's interest, let alone respond to these market needs in a timely and effective manner.

3. Design creativity is the soul

If a catalog printing without a design soul is not convincing. So far, many customers think that design catalogs are typographic design of pictures and texts, with low creative content, but anyone who has really thought about catalogs knows that any excellent catalog There is a main line hidden inside, and all content layouts and design expressions are extended around this main line. Such a designed catalog is an excellent work that has a foundation and can impress customers.


Whether it is a large or small company, it is necessary to carry out brand or product promotion. Through product catalog design and printing, it can more clearly show the business philosophy and cultural spirit of the company to customers, and the product introduction is also more intuitive to highlight the advantages of the product . It is affordable and safe for the catalog printing china, and our side can provide cheap catalogue printing for you professionally. Many people will say that now is the age of network information, and there are many ways of publicity, why use product catalog printing? However, product catalog design and printing is the most direct form of corporate external promotion. It comprehensively displays corporate culture, business scope and successful cases, and can intuitively summarize the company's strength and current situation. An excellent product catalog design and printing is equivalent to a company. The company's business card is an important display tool in the early stages of business development.

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