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Comparison of catalog printing and magazine printing

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In the printing industry, different needs require different printing methods to achieve. Regarding the catalogs and magazines that we often use, how are they printed? What is the difference between their printing methods? China Printing Company will analyze for you.

For printing factory, catalog printing and magazine printing are commercial printing, but the two are also very different. Catalog and magazine printing: The cover design of catalogs and magazines should be concise and atmospheric, and the theme design should be prominent. Pay attention to problems that are easy to occur when printing. For example: four-color full-page black printing is easy to be done at the bottom, and the gluing and stitching should be tight and fast to avoid cracks and page falling.

Catalog printing: The catalog expresses the company's brand image, corporate culture, business philosophy, etc., and has high requirements for quality. Commonly used printing materials are covered with 250 grams of double copper on the rough surface (also used in special processes, such as convex, UV, etc.), and 157 grams of double copper is usually used for inner pages.

The printing of catalogs and magazines is usually printed regularly within a month or a quarter, and is usually very large. Therefore, the content is rich, knowledge transfer usually requires less processes, for catalog and magazine covers are often used. Ordinary double-layer copper paper, the process will be relatively simple, the inner part of the color part is mostly copper paper, the black and white part of ordinary book paper, and the inner pages of magazine printing materials are also printed on the book paper because it is more cost-effective.

When choosing materials, printing requires smoother paper. In pursuit of difference, some customers use special paper as printing materials and make more photos at work. These requirements (such as covers) usually add the following processes: hot pressing, embossing, partial UV, sanding, embossing, etc.

If you have any printing needs, please feel free to contact us. We are a professional China printing company with more than 20 years of printing experience and will provide you with excellent China printing service.

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