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Common process of booklet printing for corporate

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Corporate booklets have become a very important propaganda tool in today’s advertising market. This kind of advertising promotion in the form of booklet is low in cost and relatively simple to operate. It only needs to be distributed by relevant personnel. In recent years, it has been adopted by many companies. It is important to pay attention to the corporate promotional products used in the promotion. The printing quality must be passed, which requires China printing company adopt suitable printing technology to ensure the advertising effect of corporate booklets. Below let the printers in China introduce to you several printing production processes related to booklet printing for corporate.


Matte powder process

The production process of this kind of booklet printing is relatively common, this printing method is relatively simple, the requirements for printing technology are not very high, and the requirements for printing equipment are relatively low. The corporate booklets printed in this way can also be obtained. The printing is relatively clear, and the artistic sense is strong, concise and clear, so it is widely used by China printing company, and its production cost is relatively low.


Laminating process

This printing process is mainly to add a special film on the printing paper, and then use special printing equipment for reinforcement and adhesion. It can be waterproof, oil-proof and moisture-proof, and it is not easy to be polluted by the outside world. It can be stored and used for a long time. The service life is relatively long.


Hot silver process

Hot silver printing has relatively higher requirements for equipment. It is not only a single printing, but also needs to increase the hot silver printing process after printing, and finally the finished product will be produced. The corporate booklets printed by this process can get better Printing visual effects is also a printing process often used by some high-end corporate booklets.


Regardless of the printing process, it is fundamental to ensure the quality of the booklets of the printing company. When using various printing production processes, the printers in China who should strictly abide by the operating specifications and observe the printed products in time during the printing process. This is the only way can the production qualification rate of corporate brochures be improved.


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