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Color plate making in company brochure printing

Time: 2021-01-25 Hits: 74

Nowadays, many companies in their own operation process will print a large number of different types of company brochure printing products for marketing and advertising of the company. A good company brochure printing product It can be said that the color plate must be passed, otherwise it will affect the printing production quality of the company brochure. Then, what is the color plate in the company brochure printing production?


First of all, the color plate making in the company's brochure printing production has a certain degree of particularity, and it is quite different from other types of printed products. For example, many other color prints are made of yellow, magenta, cyan, and black. The color inks are overprinted according to a certain plate-making process and printing color sequence. How to prevent color casts in printed matter and accurately reproduce colors and levels is a problem that should be noted in the printing process.

The color plate in the company's brochure printing production should focus on the problem of color difference and color effect in this regard. This is the big difference between the company's brochure printing products and other printed products. Pay special attention to the difference in color when the printed product is compared with the original or proof draft. If these aspects are ignored, it will affect the quality of printing and cause deviations in the color and level of the printed matter.

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