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Your Complete 6 Step Guide For Printing Coffee Table Book

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Custom coffee table book printing, there are many factors need to consider. If you are ready to self-publish your own coffee table book, it’s helpful to have a firm grasp of what you should be paying attention to before print the book.

These factors may seem nonconsequential until further thought is put into them. But these factors will give you some suggestion before deciding to print your own coffee table book. So that you can create a best coffee table book for your own readers. In this article we break down:

hardcover coffee table book

Picture from BookPrintingChina


A coffee table book often is oversized, which makes it easier to show for people. Usually, a coffee book is available in photo, illustration or art job, and with little text. For photographer, fashion editor, art creator, landscape architect, etc, these amazing oversized hardcover coffee table books are the essential business tools, which can promote sales and stimulate customers’ creative inspiration.

“A really well-done coffee table book is like a piece of art. Through details such as color use and color repetition, it can be coordinated with the whole room, integrated, and make the room very different.” New York Interior Design School Dean Ellen Fisher said in “Marketing Business”.

What’s the best size for a coffee table book?

Usually, coffee table books are included following standard sizes:

Square size: 8″ x 8″, 8.5″ x 8.5″, 9″ x 9″, 10″ x 10″, etc. these sizes are fun to flip through and place at the top of a large stack.

Protrait size:6″ x 9″, 8″ x 10″, 8.5″ x 11″, 8.5″ x 12″, 9″ x 12″,etc

Landscape size: 9″ x 6″, 10″ x 8″, 11″ x 8.5″, etc. these sizes are great for images, like landscape photos.

Oversized hardcovers are the most popular coffee table book choices. Because they are best for generating interest and sparking the conversation they’re designed to spark.

These standard sizes may seem a bit overwhelming, but remember that you publish is a coffee table book. You only need to worry about the book size for your type and word count. This simplifies your process.

How many page counts in a coffee table book?

The shortest coffee table books at least 28 pages, but most coffee table books are over 200 pages. The page counts are more, the book spine is larger. So that to allow providing more strong binding options. The page counts often depend on your book content, layout, etc.

What is the best paper stock for printing a coffee table book?

To display a powerful visual effect for readers, we often recommend selecting premium quality coated paper to print coffee table book, to help it achieve lifelike and satisfactory results. Glossy and matte coated paper are both coated surface, which are suitable for high quality color printing. Whether glossy coated paper or matte art paper, can better reproduce your color from your artwork. Glossy coated paper is suitable for printing bulk images and less text, and matte art paper is suitable for the books with more text. Matte art paper still provides gorgeous colors and reproduces black and white, and due to not being reflective, which brings better reading experience.

Different size and page counts, the paper choice is different. Usually, the book size is 8″x 10″, if the pages are less than 200 pages and with perfect binding, we often recommend the inner page with 140gsm offset paper, and cover with 300gsm coated paper. But if the book size is over 8″ x 10″ and the page counts over 200pages, we often recommend 157gsm or other thicker coated paper.

Some popular paper and weight for printing coffee table book:

Hard cover/slipcase :

cloth, leather,etc wrap on 2mm-3mm gray board

157gsm coated paper wrap on 2mm-3mm gray board


End paper:

120gsm textured paper

140gsm colored paper

140gsm coated paper

170gsm coated paper

157gsm matte art paper


Inner text paper:

105gsm glossy/matte coated paper

128gsm glossy/matte coated paper

157gsm glossy/matte coated paper

200gsm glossy/matte coated paper


Dust jacket

128gsm coated paper

157gsm coated paper

200gsm coated paper

What’s the best binding for custom a coffee table book?

Sew hardcover is no doubt that the best choice for custom coffee table books. Hardcover achieves high-end and durable experience, which always impress. People can open the book flat and will not damage the spine. This makes it ideal for appreciative browsing. Meanwhile, coffee table book as a type of book for collecting and decoration. With hardcover, which is the most durable binding way, makes it withstand baptism of the years. Coffee table books are designed for light reading by themselves, engaging readers with excellent quality and dazzling pictures. So most coffee table books are hardcover.

The common finishes for making coffee table book

There are many finishes for choice, like foil stamping, varnish, lamination, spot UV, emboss, etc. Lamination and spot UV are used more in paperback coffee table book printing. For hardcover coffee table book printing, to make a special, high-end look and feel, often with emboss, foil stamping, die cut, etc on the cover. The finish is often depends on your cover and text content design. Sometimes, to stand out design effect, we will use two or more finishes together at the same time. Such as matte/ glossy lamination on the dust jacket, emboss and gold foil on the leather cover, spot varnish on inner pages.

What’s the cost of printing a coffee table book?

Usually, the cost of coffee table book printing is depend on your page counts, binding option, paper stock, surface finishing, size, color printing requirement, etc. First, since bulk coffee table book printing with large offset printing machine, so your print more, the price is cheaper. Second, the cheap coffee table book printing way is black and white printing, which is cheaper a lot than CMYK printing. So printing with CMYK printing, the cost will be high. Third, different page counts, paper stock and binding way, the price will be different. Even in the same weight of paper, if paper type is different, the price is different. Besides, your finishing is more complex, the cost is higher. Take below cloth bound coffee table book for an example.

cloth hardcover coffee table book

Picture from BookPrintingChina


Size: 10″ x 10″

Page counts: 140 inner pages+endpaper+cover

Material: cover: cloth+3mm gray board, inner text: 157gsm matte art paper, endpaper:140gsm black paper, dust jacket: 350gsm C1S art paper

Color: CMYK printing

Finishing: gold foil for cover, spot varnish for inner, matte lamination for dust jacket

Binding: sew hardcover

Printing quality:500 copies

Exclude the shipping cost, printing 500 copies, total printing cost is $7300.

Where to print your own coffee table book?

If you are seeking for best coffee table book printers to print your own coffee table book. BookPrintingChina is here to provide the best guide on your self publishing trip: coffee table book printing. Our experts are most professional and passionate in the printing industry. They are standing by to give you assistance at 7*24 hours. Whether you want to do luxury coffee table book printing or cheap coffee table book printing. We can help you achieve 100% high quality printing at an affordable price. The biggest discount is saving 45%, get a free quote today.

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