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Coating to Know for Paper Box Printing

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paper box printing

Custom box printing has been around for decades, and they are one of the most popular promotional items today. Generally speaking,paper box printing requires some special processing, such as glossy lamination, matte lamination, glossy oil, etc. Generally, it is based on the following factors:

1. Protect the color of theprinted box.The color paper box is printed with ink. Under the action of ultraviolet rays, it is easy to discolor the printedbox.

2. The waterproof effect is good, because the color box packaging is a paper product, in order to prevent water from rotting; Improve the brightnessfor the paper box printing, after special surface treatment, make thepaper box to besoft, then will bemore attractive to consumers.

Packaging box surface process:

The most common method of printing forthe custom box printing is theUV coating process. UV coating is used for all types of printed materials including regular boxes and custom printed boxes. This method allows for a much smoother surface and greater levels of gloss, making the box style material of the custom packaging very attractive to customers. When UV coating is applied to a standard box style, the colors are able to be created with greater precision and the overall finished product will have a much greater level of gloss. This can enhance the appeal of the printed boxes and increase their appeal to customers.

There are also two types of laminating materials forpaper boxprinting:

1.Glossy Lamination:Thegloss lamination itself is relatively bright, and the surface of the color box packaging box is shiny after being covered with theglossy lamination.

2. MatteLamination:Mattelaminationis a foggy surface, and mattelaminationis a polished surface after coating.

At present, the hot stamping method of color box packaging is electrochemical aluminum gold foilingstamping. The main methods are heating and pressing. The text of the text box is transferred to the surface of the printed wrapping paper. Gold, silver, green, blue, laser and other colors are calledfoiling stamping.

The characteristics ofgold foilingare clear pattern, beautiful appearance, bright color and wear resistance. In cigarette bag printing, the application ofgold foilingtechnology accounts for more than 85%, and in commercial packaging production, it has also been widely used. It can be used to highlight products, highlight themes, show dignity, etc., especially for trademarks, logos, business names, etc. that need to be particularly prominent.

UV grinding is a post-press process that uses ultraviolet light to dry and solidify ink. It requiresUV ink containingphotosensitizer to be used withUV curing lamp. UV technology transmits patterns and texts to the surface of the printed wrapping paper through UV, making it distinctive, especially for local prints such as trademarks, logos, and corporate names.

Whether your business requires printed boxes or something else, you'll want to choose an experienced, reputable China printing company to handle your project. You can trust a company with experience handling all types of printed packaging materials, includingboxes printing. Custom box printing companies should use high-quality inks so that you get the best value out of your investment. Also, you should choose a company that offers flexible packaging options, including pre-printed boxes and flexo, for best results. These are all factors that you should take into consideration when it comes time to select the best cheap box printing for your needs.





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