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Children’s book printing–Why should pay attention to the environmental protection standards?

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When talking about children’s books, we think about safety. The paper and ink used for children’s books must be eco-friendly, not harm for healthy. We have printed lots of children’s books, we know how to do your book in high-end quality and make the color printing bright and attractive.


The children’s book printing market is becoming more and more prosperous as parents pay more and more attention to reading and more and more parents pay more attention to reading, and the sales data of children’s books is increasing. At the same time, parents’ requirements for the printing of children’s books are also increasing at the same time as their requirements for content, especially the safety and environmental protection of the printing of children’s books. Many publishing organizations have begun to mark children’s books with words such as “green printed publications” and “printed with soy ink”.

The environmental protection issue of children book printing is a daily problem faced by every parent who cares for children.


Many parents now pay much attention to the cultivation of children’s reading habits, so they will prepare a variety of printed materials such as cards, picture books, books, etc. However, if you do not pay attention to or care about the quality of the printed products when choosing these printed products for your children, it may cause some printed products to have varying degrees of negative impact on the children’s health.


When printing childrens books, we will first consider their safety issues. When children are reading, because they are still young, they may have the habit of tearing or biting books when they are reading. In addition, children’s books are mostly picture books, and the amount of ink is much larger than that of ordinary text-based books. In order to prevent harmful substances from entering children’s bodies, children’s books should have a higher standard of environmental protection than ordinary books. Therefore, we usually use environmentally friendly soy ink to print our children’s books. Soy ink is safe and reliable, without irritating odor. The printing effect is excellent and it meets the printing ink standard.


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