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Catalog printing binding process

Time: 2021-04-16 Hits: 94

Binding is the printing of semi-finished products into books, volumes must go through the processing steps, it can enable readers to read a book in order, and let the book look beautiful, make it strong and durable function.


The commonly binding process is as follows:


1. Put the paper in order

To finish the printed pages with a neat edge, and stack them neatly together for folding or subsequent processing. It should be noted that can’t neat the paper before the printing ink dried

. Otherwise the ink will stain the other parts of the paper, affecting the quality of the catalog printing.


2. The folding

The process of folding printed pages into stacks in order of page numbers. Can use automatic folding machine, a piece of paper broken into two, or on the paper pressure vent, easy to discharge the air in the paper stack, when the output of up to about 8000.


3. The sticky page

The process of gluing butterfly pages before or after a stack or of gluing a pull page or title page to another stack.


4. Insert and clip pages

An interstitial of printed matter in a stack between specific page numbers.P aging is the process of placing printed matter, such as special advertising cards, randomly on any page in the stack.


5. Gathering

According to the page number to made a sequence of a process.


6. Test set

To complete the page of the catalogue to check the sequence, usually to see whether the black mark on the back is arranged in order to ensure the correctness of the page.


7. To order this

This method of wire sewing, nailing, gluing etc, the main function is to fix the scattered pages, so that it will not lose.


8. The cutting

When the catalog printing is bound, cut the catalog into size. Paperback books are trimmed after the cover is mounted, and hardcover books are trimmed before the cover is mounted.


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