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Brief introduction the ink types in book printing

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Gold and silver ink, metal powder instead of pigment. In the past, gold powder and silver powder were attached to the wiping gold and silver ink. For gold and silver printing, the inking oil is mixed with gold powder or silver powder immediately before book printing or other printing matter, and there are also mixed inks. Gold powder is made of brass powder, silver powder is made of aluminum powder, which is crushed into flakes to give metallic luster.


Fluorescent ink is the ink using fluorescent pigment, which brings bright and strong color effect, so it is often used in advertising pictures, packaging materials, advertisements, exhibits and other eye-catching prints. Fluorescent pigment dissolves fluorescent dye in synthetic resin, with coarse particles and weak light resistance. Once irradiated by ultraviolet lamp, it can get more brilliant effect.


Magnetic ink is an ink made of magnetic iron oxide powder. It is used to read the words of magnetic ink, control the magnetic properties of magnetic powder, read the magnetic beam from the printed special literature and font, and mainly used to print the magnetic tape on credit card.


Security ink (anti forgery ink) is an ink for printing all kinds of negotiable securities. It must have various excellent properties of light resistance, heat resistance, water resistance and oil resistance. Gravure ink is one of them. In order to prevent forgery and tampering, it is necessary to use compounds that can see special reactions. It can also be used as safe inks for ink disappearance, fading, discoloration, fading or coloration.


Conductive ink is made of gold, silver, copper or conductive carbon black. The dry ink layer is conductive and is used for printing of printed circuits and electrodes. Gold powder, silver powder and copper powder have their own conductivity, but the price of gold and silver is too high, copper is easy to be oxidized, carbon black is easy to be different due to the different performance of raw materials, and graphite crystal has the best conductivity, which is a commonly used one at present.


Duplicating ink, use hot melt type to heat and melt for book printing. Carbonless copy is colorless due to pressure and color, unnecessary copy part of the use of desensitizing ink, reduce the contact when copying and lose the copy function, the use of chemical functional materials to prevent color.


There are many other functional inks, including monitoring inks that change color under the action of gas, temperature indicating inks that change color due to temperature change, color developing inks that change color from colorless to colored under the action of light, edible inks printed on food, igniting inks printed on the friction part of firewood box, etc.


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