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Book Printing-Some Ways to Help Your Book Stand out

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As one of the most professional China book printers, we are often asked about various methods of adding features to medium to long-term book projects. More specifically, which features will provide a unique appearance without adding significant additional costs.

Book Printing-Some Ways to Help Your Book Stand out

The following some ideas can enhance the attractiveness of your next medium to long term book project. Whether it's manuals, catalogs, manuals, novels, or any other type of book.

7 ways to help your book stand out

1) Non Traditional Sizes

One of the benefits of custom printed books is that you can choose non-standard sizes and/or directions. Tired of the usual 6 "x 9" or 8.5 "x 11" book size? Tired of portrait orientation? Your book doesn't have to follow suit. Perhaps the horizontal or square direction is more attractive to you. Alternatively, perhaps creating a mini book or an oversized book is the way you want to make your book unique.

2) Professional editor

A book full of errors may make readers feel disgusted. Please hire a professional editor to ensure that your book is perfect and error free. Your book should provide readers with something unique and valuable. Ensure that your content is engaging, rich, and well written.

3) Spot UV 

Spot UV refers to the application of a UV coating to a specific area of your book printing, rather than covering the entire surface. Applying Spot UV to book covers is a creative method of increasing contrast through different levels of gloss and texture. Spot UV can be applied to inked images to enhance printing design. Alternatively, it can be directly applied to paper substrates, creating its own design without the need for any ink.

4) Embossing or foil stamping 

Embossing and foil stamping are creative finishing techniques that can add high impact designs to book covers. Embossing refers to the method of pressing images onto paper or card paper to create a three-dimensional design. 

Hot stamping uses heat and pressure to apply metal foil design to printed materials. Aluminum foil is usually gold, silver, or copper colored, but there are also multiple colors to choose from. These two technologies can be used alone or in combination to create embossed metal designs.

5) Laminated Cover

Another good way to improve the appearance of books is to glue a transparent plastic film onto the book cover. Lamination has multiple surface treatment options, with the most popular being gloss, matte, and "soft touch". In addition to giving the book an impressive appearance and feel, the laminated film also adds a protective barrier to improve stain resistance and durability. This helps to extend the lifespan of the book.

6) Rounded corners

Rounding both corners opposite the spine of a book is a simple way to separate the book. Rounded corners not only add a pleasing aesthetic quality to books, but also help reduce the occurrence of corners and pages. By reducing wear and tear, rounded corners help maintain the professional appearance of this book.

7) High quality printing

The quality of book printing can affect its appearance and durability. Choose a reputable China printing company that uses high-quality materials and printing technology to ensure your books.

Looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution for book printing? Welcome to our trusted printing service in China! We are experts in delivering top-notch quality books at an affordable price. Our team of highly experienced professionals is committed to meeting your specific printing needs and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. 

With our cutting-edge printing technology and efficient production process. We guarantee quick turnaround times without sacrificing quality. Plus, you'll be able to leverage our expertise in creating stunning book covers and interiors that stand out from the crowd. 

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