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Book printing process control of color management

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As we all know, the purpose of color management is to use the method of combining software and hardware to adjust and manage colors in production system automatically and uniformly, so as to ensure the consistency of color in the whole process of input, display and output, and finally realize faithful reproduction of color (i.e. what is seen). So, how to implement color management quickly and efficiently? The author thinks that it can establish a measurable and repeatable process control system, regulate the printing raw materials, related equipment and environment, and optimize the data flow and information flow in the printing production process can achieve unexpected results.


Introduction to color management in book printing process


2017-hottest-ex-work-for-printing-in1. The definition of color management is an application technology to explain and process color information correctly. It is recognized as the most effective scheme to achieve faithful reproduction of color and to obtain stable color repeatedly. In the whole process of copying color image and text information, the color management system ensures the consistency of the color conversion from one device to another under the premise of the minimum color distortion.


2. Work flow of color management


The book printing process of color management can be divided into four C: calibration, characterization, conversion, and check.


Calibration. This is the basic condition for color management, which means adjusting each equipment such as display, scanner, digital proofing machine and printing machine to the standard state, ensuring that it reaches or is accurate to the specifications of the manufacturer, and maintains certain stability to ensure that the color displayed reaches or approaches the normal standard. Calibration is the basis and starting point of color management. Its purpose is to calibrate the equipment and make it run stably. The stability of the equipment is the basic condition for color management to be well done. Therefore, calibration is very important in the process of color management.


Characteristic. It refers to input or output standard color standards on calibrated equipment, and then measure these color standards, determine the color performance characteristics of the equipment according to the obtained data, and establish the color characteristic document (I C CP r o f I l e). The purpose is to establish the color expression range of equipment or materials and record their characteristics mathematically for color conversion. Characteristic is an important part of color management, and it is also the precondition for color management.

Conversion. Refers to the color space of an image or other object from one device to another, in order to obtain the color basically consistent visually.


Check. That is, the inspection and evaluation of color matching between various equipment.


 Book printing process control based on color management


Control the stability of printing materials


The stability of materials is the premise of obtaining high quality printing materials. In the process of daily production, it is important to strictly control the stability of printing materials such as printing plate, developing liquid, moisten plate liquid, paper and ink, and ensure stable printing materials are the premise of color management. The quality of the original directly affects and determines the quality of the plate. To make a high-quality plate, first of all, it must have a high quality of the original plate as a guarantee. The configuration of developer and run solution shall be in strict accordance with relevant specifications and requirements, and the status of the solution shall be regulated regularly. Paper and ink directly affect the quality of book printing, so it is very important to supervise the stability of paper and ink.

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