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Book printing knowledge – ink

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Book printing need to use ink. Ink is a complex colloid formed by mixing pigments, binders, fillers and additives in a certain proportion, after repeated grinding, rolling and other technological processes.


timgPigment: pigment is a kind of pigment. The color, coloring power, alkali resistance, water resistance, acid resistance and light resistance of ink are basically determined by the properties of pigments, and the fineness, dryness, covering power and specific gravity of ink also partly depend on the properties of pigments.
Binder: binder is the main body of ink and the raw material for making ink into fluid. Its main function is to make the filler of pigment adhere to the paper surface and make the printed matter have a certain luster. It is also the medium of ink. Its viscosity, color, tension, water resistance, dryness, smell and so on are the important factors that determine the performance of ink


Filler: filler is white or colorless powder material. Its function is to reduce the saturation of some colors, reduce the amount of pigment, reduce the cost of ink and so on. In addition, it can also adjust the fluidity of the ink, adjust the color and so on, its texture will also affect the quality of the ink.


Additive: also known as auxiliary agent, it is added to the ink to change or improve the printability of the material. The commonly used additives are: desiccant (also known as dry oil), viscosity removal agent, inking oil, diluent, pigment extraction and so on. In addition, in order to improve the resistance of ink, sometimes according to the need, add appropriate amount of resistance enhancer, such as anti-friction agent, anti-corrosion agent, anti-static agent, etc.


Ordinary ink: refers to three primary color ink and black ink, white ink and other primary color ink. It is the basic color ink in ordinary printing and can be purchased directly


Pantone color ink: in addition to ordinary ink, some book printing need specific ink to achieve certain effect, we call it pantone color ink, which needs to be specially prepared.


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