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Book printing–how to choose the printing paper material for the inner pages?

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For book printers in china, the choice of paper is also the most important link in book printing. Choosing the right paper according to the needs will enrich the reader experience.

However, there are so many paper choices. How to choose the right paper for China book printing among the many types of paper?




How to choose the weight of the paper?

The number of grams of paper now usually refers to the basis weight of the paper, that is, the weight of one square meter of paper, and the unit is per square meter. When the paper is of the same size, the grammage will be thicker, so the customary grammage on printing expresses the paper thickness. Although the thickness of different papers is different under different grams, almost all papers are fluffy, and the thickness will be different than that of other grams of paper.

How many grams of the paper is selected, dressed up as the real purpose of use and the desired image. The sheet of paper is usually selected to be more than 180 grams, so that the book looks hard, and the pages are not easy to fall after binding.

The inner pages have different opinions according to different needs. If you buy the number of pages, you can generally choose a paper of 0g to 100g, which makes the book smaller and easier to carry; if the number of pages is smaller, you can choose from 120g to 150g. The amount of paper and 150 grams of paper, the weight of the book to be read will increase. Generally, magazines choose a lighter paper weight for convenience, so if you want to create the same style as a magazine, you can choose a thinner 80g paper.

How to choose the inner page paper?

After choosing the paper weight, how to choose the inner page paper material?

If the content is novel or plain text:

It is recommended to use forest paper. Forest paper has good ink properties, no sense of ground, less ink resistance on the surface, and less reflection on reading. It is the most commonly used paper in the publishing industry for printing text. But the printed color will be darker.


If the content of the picture:

If the content is mainly pictures and you want to print out bright material, you can choose the following two papers as the text material.

Paper forest paint painting, the degree of publication is low, the paper is opaque, and the color is better when printed. It is also a common paper for magazines and books, and is suitable for printing without fading.

Snow paper: The paper has a soft and white matte surface, and the surface is delicate and smooth. The pictures and illustrations are drawn on contrasting paper, the color is thinner, and where there is no printing, the copper foil is obviously showing a texture, which is suitable for printing and ink printing. What is the book paper suitable for your book printing? Feel free to contact us to provide you with the best quality China printing service.



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