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Book printing – How to avoid ink thickening caused by low temperature

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Book printing – How to avoid ink thickening caused by low temperature

As the time approached the Spring Festival, the weather became colder and colder, which will affecting the book printing, especially for the ink.


Low temperature in winter is the external factors for ink thickening. Under the influence of temperature, ink (raw ink) dilute change is a physical phenomenon, but the change is the form, not the essence (the basic properties of ink). Ink is too thick, viscosity is also large, but it isn’t best not to use diluent or ink oil adjust its viscosity.

Ink thickening caused by temperature , it can be solved by the following methods:

1. Place the original ink on the radiator or next to the heater, which can make it return to its original state gradually.

2. In case of emergency, external heating can be carried out with boiled water. The specific method is to pour boiled water into the basin, and then put the original bucket (box) ink in the water, but need to prevent water vapor immersion. When the water temperature drops to 27and remove, open the cover and stir evenly can be used. The temperature in the printing shop should be kept at about 27.

Solution for ink thickening under normal temperature:

1. It is caused by the strong thixotropy in the internal structure of the original ink, but it can still be used after being restored to its original state by stirring.

2. It is out of date ink or storage due to improper generation of bad ink, and it can not be used.

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