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Book binding option: choose paperback

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Paperback is also called "softback". It is a commonly used book binding form that has been reformed after summarizing the advantages of back-packing and thread-packing. The main crafts include folding, collating, ordering, covering and cutting the edge of the book. A paper cover is generally used. The method is simple and the cost is low.

Paperback is a popular choice for printed books, and with a variety of durable and soft-touch finishes, it is a practical alternative to bound books.

Most of us are probably more familiar with paperback and hardcover books. Paperback books have a soft cover made of thin cards, allowing the cover to bend while reading. Many perfect bound books, magazines and catalogs are in paperback because they are easier to produce and cost less. This allows printing of larger quantities with faster turnaround time.

Lamination style

During the printing process, the cover will be sealed with water-based paint or UV varnish. This is to prevent the lid from leaving marks. A more durable solution is a laminated outer cover. The laminate will give the cover more strength and better prevent fingerprints and abrasion. Gloss laminate is a popular choice because it can enhance color and any image. But there are also several other laminates available, such as soft touch, which is a matte finish that will give a silky smooth feel.

Combine finishes

By combining different finishes, you can further enhance your publication. For example, use a matte laminate with speckled varnish, which can make the title or picture on the cover stand out.

Create a stronger cover

Adding an inward-folding flip to the cover can add extra rigidity to the cover of the book. The advantage of this technique is that the cover is more flexible than using harder cards. Then you can also see the overlay laminate on the inside, and you no longer need to print inside the overlay, so you can keep it blank. This type of cover is said to have a French flip or fold.

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