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Basic knowledge of book printing

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1. For offset printing machine printing in China, first of all, you should know the size of sheet paper. The normal size of sheet paper is divided into large size and positive size. The full sheet size is 119cm * 89cm (47 inches * 35 inches). Cutting into two sheets is called half opening, cutting four sheets is called four opening, cutting eight sheets is called eight opening (A3), and cutting 16 sheets is 16 opening (A4). The full sheet size of normal paper is 108CM * 78cm (43 inches * 31 inches), and the same two sheets are in the form of positive facing and so on. Generally, a 1cm machine should be left to bite the paper bite and 0.5cm cross line register on both sides. Of course, I take the web based, so it can be converted to square meters.


dsc_14592. Paper and printing: paper is generally divided into offset printing paper, such as ordinary copy paper and writing paper; coated paper, matte paper, the thickness of more than 200g is called card, such as copper card, most of which are used for picture albums and advertising color sheets; white board paper, white cardboard, most of which are used for carton packaging; there are carbon free copy paper, self-adhesive paper, sulfuric acid paper, special paper, as well as cardboard paper Core paper, Kraft paper, etc. Generally speaking, 157G coated paper means that the thickness of this kind of coated paper is 157 grams per square meter. The larger the number of grams, the thicker the paper. In printing, it is customary to call 500 sheets of paper 1 Ling paper. The price of paper is based on tons. The orders per ton of paper with various thickness of grams are different. There is a table for reference.

Generally speaking, the book printing quality depends on whether there is registration, whether the printing network is solid and clear, whether the page paper is smeared and scratched, whether the trimming line is printed, whether the characters are broken, and whether the color is uniform. If there is a sample sheet, check the proofing. Printing processing fee is usually calculated by color order, that is, one color order is printed for each ream of paper.


3. After printing: the post press processing processes include compound light film, compound mute film, bronzing, oiling, UV, folding, horse binding, sewing glue binding, indentation die cutting, fine tile e corrugating, etc.

There are also packaging, delivery, collection and so on. Generally, we need to pay in advance when we sign a contract when we receive business. Normally, it is 50% in advance, because the content of printed matter is specific and only belongs to this customer. If he doesn't want it, others will not use it.

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