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Baby Board Book Printing: Complete Guide For Self Publishers-2024

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This is a complete guide for self-publishers on self-publishing and baby board book printing. For the new in publishing, most self-publishers will meet some problems, like how to self publish a board book, how to find a right board book printer, etc. Here listed a perfect guide in 9 tips for self-publish a board book. All the questions you meet can find the answer at this post.

What’s a board book?

baby board book printing

Baby board book printing is different from other types of books. A board book is made of thicker cardboard rather than thin paper. The binding process is each page are glued with two sheets of thicker paper and then a self cover or hardcover is glued together to be a book. If you want each page of the board book looks more thick. Usually, we can insert a thicker gray board in the middle of two sheets of cardboard. In common, the gray board is 2mm,2.5mm and 3mm .

Is board book safe for the toddler?

Because of the target reader of board books are for the younger children, whose between 6 months -2 age. These age of toddler, who have habits of tear or bite books. So when custom a board book, the board book printer often uses soy ink to print board book. Soy ink is eco-friendly ink. Even if the baby with the habit of bite the book, it will not cause any harm to the baby’s health.

To avoid the corner harm baby’s hand, the board book often with rounded corner. Also, to provide extra protection, the board book cover and inner page with glossy lamination. So that to extend the life of board book and the toddler are hard to tear off the book page.

How to write and design your board book?

When you write and design your board book, you must consider younger children just start reading and hard to keep attention on reading for a long time. Below are some tips for you to write and design a board book.

1. Try to keep the text as simple and short as possible. 

When you create the story or text, simple words and sentences are easier to understand by the younger children. Each page includes one or a few sentences will be better. Because too long or too complex sentences are hard for younger children to understand. Also, for these ages of children, their hard to keep attention on the long and complex sentence.

2. The page counts keep on 4-32 pages is better. 

Most board books are popular between these page counts. If custom a board book, pages too much, younger children hard to keep attention on it for a long time.

3. With bright color whenever possible. 

Children can be more sensitive to colors. Because children are take in the world through their eye, and bright colors are the first aspects of sight to help them to distinguish and form and categorize objects. These colors appeal to young children, as they are easier for them to see. At about 5-months old, children can see colors with their still-developing vision, though distinguishing bright colors comes easier to them. So when you design the text and image color of a board book, with bright colors (like red, yellow, blue, etc) are more easily to attract younger children’s attention.

4. Hire experienced illustrators to design illustrations for you. 

If you are not good at designing your own board book illustrations, hire an experienced illustrator to complete this daunting task will be better. Entrust professional people to do professional things, the effect will be twice the result with half the effort.

Purchase an ISBN Number 

ISBN is a long number paired with a barcode, which is stands for International Standard Book Number, used to uniquely identify your book amongst the millions out there. If you are a self publisher, the best way is to take your own ISBN. If your book is published by publishers or agent, they will give you an ISBN, but get your own ISBN is more safer. You can go through myidentifiers or ISBN International ,etc to purchase an ISBN.

How to select the best board book printer?

Select a board book printer is very important for your own baby board book printing. The professional and suitable board book printer not only can ensure your board book printing quality, also can give you the best printing suggestions, then help you save money and your board book selling well.

So when you select a board book printer, who must be:

1. Specialized in various of board book printing

2. With rich experience in the board book printing industry, 5 or more years of experience is better.

3. Price and service are guaranteed. No hidden cost and no trouble.

4. With advanced printing and binding equipments.

5. Production time meet your publishing schedule.

Which paper is best for baby board book printing?

Board book is different from the normal book. Because the main reading group of board book is younger children. These ages of children just start reading.

First, they are more favor bright color. Because for these ages of children, bright colors are easier to attract their attention and help them develop their learning ability and behavior. According to the related survey, bright colors can be easier to make them keep calm and keep attention on one thing.

Second, for these ages of children, most of them who with the habits of tear or bite the book. Board book as a frequently used book, which must be durable. Third, board book binding is two sheets of paper glued together, that means one side of paper doesn’t need to print any message. So for the paper choice must match these features.

Coated one side paper (C1S paper), is the optimal choice for baby board book printing. First, the patterns and colors are printed on C1S paper, which can make the color more bright and attractive. Second, C1S paper can combine with lamination, which can improve its brightness and tear resistance. That’s why most publishers choose C1S paper to print board book. In common, 300-350gsm C1S paper is more popular for board book printing.

Popular finishing for baby board book printing

Post-process has a wide range of used in various of board books. The most popular of these  post-processes are lamination, foil stamping, spot UV, die cut.

Lamination -Lamination is one of the most popular post-processes on board book printing, which include gloss lamination,soft lamination,matte lamination.

Glossy lamination on board book-gloss lamination is very popular on both cover and inner page of the board book. Glossy lamination on board book surface, which can make the color more bright and rich. And create a protection layer on the paper surface to make it with the function of waterproof, dustproof, tear resistance and more glossy.

Matte lamination on board book-Although matte lamination not gloss as glossy lamination. But the cover and inner page of board book with lamination, which make the color more natural and texture, and bring the better reading experience for the children.

Compared to matte lamination, glossy lamination on the paper is more easy to clean and not easier to leave scratches. But matte lamination on board book surface, which is more friendly for children’s eye.

Foil stamping -Foil stamping is also a very popular post-process on the board book cover. Foil stamping is the process of combining with heating and pressure to transfer the colored metallic onto the printed product. Like gold foil, sliver foil, black stamping,etc, which takes an important decorating effect on the book cover and makes it more special.

Spot UV – Spot UV is coating UV oil on the printed product and then dried to form a stand out effect on cover specific area. This post-process is also widely used on the board book cover.

Die cutting – Die cut is use the cutting machine to achieve a special design shape for covers, inner page. This finishing is used in making shaped board book, flip board book, pop-up book, puzzle board book, cover, etc. The board book with die cutting, which makes the book more special and attractive and creates a 3D effect.

Apart from above post-processes, we also can provide other options, like embossing, debossing, varnish, gold glitter, etc. The choice of post-process is depend on what printing effect you want to achieve and your artwork design.

Self cover board book VS hardcover board book

self cover board book VS hardcover board book


Self cover board book, which cover is the same as the inner page, also uses the same thicker cardboard.

Hardcover board book, which cover is the same as normal hardcover. The first inner page of paper is glued on the inside of the front cover and the last inner page of paper is glued on the inside of the back cover.

Whether self cover board book or hardcover board book, both inside spine are not glued together. So that the book can open flat.

Select self cover board book or hardcover board book, which depends on your needs.

Both self cover board books or hardcover board books are usually printed with CMYK printing. Because CMYK printing allows to print vibrant illustrations, and the cost is lower than Pantone color printing.

Besides, board book is suitable for the page counts between 8-40 pages, the size between 4-10 inch. Too many pages or too large is not recommended for print a board book.

How much does the cost of baby board book printing ?

Usually, the baby board book printing cost is depends on your page counts, size, surface finishing, printing quantity, paper type, shipping way, design and layout, etc. Selecting a suitable board book printer, who can provide you with the best professional suggestion on layout, surface finishing, paper choice, printing, etc. So that to help you successfully self-publish your own board book and earn more profit.



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