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Analyze the faults in the printing process of photo book printing

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photo book printing 

The following is the answer from professional China printing company, about common failure analysis and countermeasures in the process flow of lithographic album printing. In the printing of lithographic albums, there are many main issues in production and the printing knowledge of some albums are very important for us to produce printing materials. For example, printing ink, pre-press inspection, printing quotation, etc., are all that an enterprise must know. Then What are the most common faults in the production of lithographic albums?

1. Poor ink overprinting in photo book printing

The ink of the next color printed later in photo book printing takes away the ink printed first, that is to say, the ink printed later cannot adhere well to the ink printed first. If such a situation occurs, it will cause the picture album The color saturation of printed matter decreases. It is such a phenomenon that is the most common failure of multi-color offset printing presses.

2. The blank part of the book printing is dirty

So for the photo book printing, the general measures to eliminate it are to increase the pressure of the water roller, increase the acidity of the dampening fluid, make the layout hydrophilic, and increase the water supply of the printing plate. Measures can effectively improve the appearance of the picture book printed matter. Phenomenon of monster ink stains. Generally, the faults that occur in the printing of lithographic picture albums include smearing of the back of the printed product, pattern, paste-up, plate-off, ink streak, etc., which cause ink stains in the blank part of the printed product.

2. Inaccurate overprinting during album printing

Generally, the phenomena caused by paper and printing presses generally have vertical, horizontal or partial offsets. Hanging the paper to eliminate curling, wavy, tight edges and other paper defects; printing on paper with the same thread; checking the cutting accuracy of the paper to meet the specification requirements are all measures to eliminate the inaccurate registration of the paper.

4. Paper powder and lint in album printing

This phenomenon is generally caused by the fibers and particles that fall off the paper blocking the anilox of the printing plate, thereby reducing the printing endurance of the printing plate. In the photo book printing, what should we do to prevent or slow down the powder and lint of the paper? We can reduce the viscosity of the ink, and also reduce the pressure and speed of the album printing.

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