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Analysis for the Causes of Quality Defects in Book Printing

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We all often say that books are the ladder of human progress. In our lives, books play a very important role, because reading a good book is equivalent to talking with a noble person. Obviously, the book printing is very important to us. Choose an excellent printing company, will improve the printing quality of books.

So in book printing, how to avoid some quality defects in the printing process? The following are the major reasons analyzed by printers in China, for reference only:


1: Color cast, color is dim, not bright: The color of the original design is deviated from the printing; the reason may be related to the low resolution of the original picture, the master's not proofreading the color during printing, and the ink quality is not good and there is no gloss.


2: Inaccurate overprinting: During the overprinting process, several color overprinting errors occurred. The reason is that the PS plate is not in the correct position on the printing machine, and the transfer time between each color group is not uniform.


3: Text and image ghosting: double outlines of dots, lines or text in the same color on printed matter. The reason is that the blanket of the pressure gun of the printing press is loose.


4: The back side is dirty: the printing ink printed on the substrate sticks to the back side of another printed sheet, causing smearing. The reason is that when the first side is printed and the reverse side is printed, the paper is loaded and printed without drying, which is easy to stick to the pattern, and the ink does not speed up the drying agent during the printing process. This situation will also occur.


5: Front and back printing: The graphics and text printed on the paper are visible on the back. The reason is that if the paper is too thin or the printing color is too dark, it will show through to the back.


6: Pages of plastic-bound books: The inner pages are easy to leak. The reason is that the glue of the plastic-bound machine is not adjusted properly when the inner pages and the cover are molded together, which leads to insecure.


7: The packaging box is cracked: After the box is formed, the sticking position will burst; the reason is that the quality and thickness of the glue are not good, which leads to cracking.


If you want to produce high-quality and popular books, you need to choose a reliable China printing company. I believe Bookprintingchina can help you use better paper, adjust the layout of books, and produce high-quality books that are more popular with consumers.

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