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Advantages of magazine printing china on demand

Time: 2022-02-25 Hits: 239


Positive impact


1. Reduce the risk of printing number decision-making


Born on the demand of digital printing technology, it can be closely integrated with the emerging concepts such as Internet plus, and make Internet plus printing, that is, after the support and order of network data, the printing books begin to be printed. This kind of production based on the existing demand greatly reduces the risk of number of magazine printing china decision-making.


In the past, the number of books printed was estimated by editors according to the survey results, experience, subjective judgment of the market, cost and other factors. It is not accurate, which may lead to the embarrassing situation that many books have not been out of the library after printing and are directly scrapped. Nowadays, not only the online store has become the most important distribution channel of the publishing house, but also the ordering, delivery and other processes of the traditional bookstore are highly dependent on the network. After the books are sold, the publishing house can master the real-time sales data. When the books are out of stock, the Distribution Department can determine the reprint quantity relatively accurately according to the existing data or new orders. In this way, the publishing house implements the strategy of reducing the number of first impressions and then flexibly adding production according to the market feedback, so as to reduce the risk of inventory backlog and eventually scrapping books due to editorial judgment errors.


2. Reduce inventory and improve turnover


The state strongly advocates the stocking in the real estate market. Similarly, publishing houses have been trying to the stocking and seek benefits from management in order to improve economic benefits. When the on-demand printing technology is mature and the cost is reduced, it can reprint at any time and supplement the shortage inventory. The book inventory can be greatly reduced, greatly reducing the storage cost and improving the turnover rate.


3. Reduce the reprint threshold


Some magazine printing china is not very necessary. The annual sales volume is not high, but they are still needed. If there is too much printing, there will be a certain inventory backlog and scrap risk; However, if you do not print enough at one time, it is difficult to meet the reprint standard after it is sold out. Because traditional printing is not cost-effective when the printing volume is small, these books can't be reprinted after sales if they don't want to risk losing money. Nowadays, these "dead books" can "come back to life" with the help of on-demand printing. Once there are sporadic small orders, they can also be printed immediately. I believe that in the future, publishing houses or online stores will establish this kind of book catalogue that has no inventory but can be "regenerated" at any time, so as to provide readers with diversified choices.


However, this is only from a technical point of view. In reality, there will still be a problem: since the CPI (consumer price index) has been kept positive and the price level of books has been rising, the price of a book cannot be changed without re applying for the book number, which leads to the need to reprint books with earlier publication time and lower price, The cost rate still can not meet the requirements.


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