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Advantages of hardcover book printing

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Hardcover printing refers to an elaborate method of making books. Hardcover books printing are mainly made by various modeling processes on the cover of the book, the back of the book block, and the corners of the book. There are various processing methods and forms, such as book block processing with round back (with or without ridge), square back, square corners and rounded corners, etc.; cover processing is divided into whole face, joint face, rounded corner, hot foil , embossing patterns, etc. The cover of the hardcover book is sturdy and protects the inner pages well, making the hardcover book more durable. The inner pages of the hardcover book are the same as the paperback, and a strip of cloth is pasted at the spine for a more secure connection and protection. The front cover and back cover are glued to the first and last pages of the book respectively. The spine of the book is divided into flat spine and round spine. The flat spine is mostly made of cardboard as the lining of the cover, and the shape is flat. The round ridge is mostly made of kraft paper, leather and other tough materials as the lining of the spine for arcing. There is also a groove and a ridge between the cover and the spine to open the cover.


Nowadays, there are many kinds of hardcover book printing products on the market, and the styles are also different. Bookprintingchina has unique custom hardcover book printing production and processing equipment, which are divided into: UV process, glossy film process, matte film process, embossing There are twelve major post-press processes such as process, dent process, bronzing process, hot silver process, die-cutting process, printing oil process, flocking process, reel gilding process, and glitter process. The print variety stands out.

Our mission is to differentiate your products and make your products sell better.

Bookprintingchina has been focusing on the production of hardcover book printing China for 20 years, with new imported hardcover book linkage production line equipment, many unique processes, high product quality, large production capacity, and accurate delivery. It has established long-term cooperative relations with major logistics companies. It is a comprehensive printing enterprise integrating pre-press production, printing and post-press processing. The one-stop service only provides you with more convenient, efficient and comfortable services.

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