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8 Tips For Customized Your Coffee Table Books

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Coffee table books are a wonderful way to showcase your personal style, interests, and memories. They not only serve as decorative pieces in your living space but also provide a glimpse into your life and passions. The key to creating a truly unique coffee table book lies in personalization. By customizing every aspect, from the cover design to the paper stock, theme, and layout, you can create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects your individuality. In this article, I will share 8 tips on how to create your perfect customized coffee table book.

Designing eye-catchy cover for your coffee table book

customized your coffee table books

The cover of your coffee table book is the first thing that catches the eye of your guests. So it’s essential to make it visually appealing and representative of the book’s content. When designing your cover, consider the following tips:

Choose a captivating image:

Select a high-resolution image that captures the essence of your coffee table book. It could be a stunning photograph, a piece of artwork, or a combination of both.

Play with typography:

Experiment with various fonts, sizes, and colors to create an eye-catching title and subtitle for your book. Ensure that the typography complements the overall design and theme.

Incorporate personal touches:

Add personal elements, such as your name, a meaningful quote, or a monogram, to make the cover uniquely yours. These personal touches will make your coffee table book even more special.

Choosing the right paper stock and weight for your coffee table book

The choice of paper stock and weight greatly impacts the overall look and feel of your coffee table book. Consider the following tips when selecting the paper for your custom coffee table book:

Consider the purpose:

Determine whether your coffee table book will primarily feature photographs or artwork. For vibrant and detailed images, opt for a glossy art paper. If you prefer a more artistic and textured look, choose a matte art paper.

Evaluate the weight:

The weight of the paper affects both the durability and the perception of quality. Heavier paper, such as 157-200gsm, is ideal for coffee table books, as it adds a luxurious feel and prevents pages from being too flimsy.

Request samples:

Before making a final decision, request samples from different suppliers. This will allow you to assess the texture, color reproduction, and overall quality of the paper, ensuring it meets your expectations.

Choosing the perfect theme for your customized coffee table book

customized coffee table book

Choosing the right theme for your customized coffee table book is crucial to create a cohesive and visually appealing narrative. Follow these tips to select the perfect theme:

Reflect on your interests:

Consider your passions, hobbies, or significant life events that you want to showcase. Whether it’s travel, nature, art, or family, choosing a theme that resonates with you will make the process of creating the book more enjoyable.

Research and gather inspiration:

Look for inspiration online, in magazines, or even in other coffee table books. Pay attention to color palettes, layouts, and design elements that align with your chosen theme.

Create a storyboard:

Once you have a clear theme in mind, create a storyboard or visual plan for your coffee table book. This will help you organize your photos or artwork and ensure a logical flow throughout the book.

Selecting the right size for your coffee table book

coffee table book size

The size of your coffee table book plays a significant role in its visual impact and usability. Consider the following tips when deciding the right size:

Consider your space:

Evaluate the available space on your coffee table or bookshelf to determine the maximum dimensions your book can have. A book that is too large may overpower the area, while a book that is too small may go unnoticed.

Think about the content:

Consider the nature of your content when choosing the size of your coffee table book. If the book primarily features large, high-quality images, a larger format will allow for better appreciation of the details, like 8.5 x 11 inches. If the book contains intricate illustrations or fine art, a smaller size may be more suitable, like 6 x 9 inches.

Balance aesthetics and functionality:

Find a balance between aesthetics and functionality. While larger books may make a bold statement, they can be cumbersome to handle. Smaller books, on the other hand, may limit the impact of your visuals. Choose a size that not only looks visually appealing but also allows for comfortable browsing.

Selecting and organizing your photos or artwork

custom coffee table books

The photos or artwork you choose for your coffee table book are the heart and soul of the project. To make the selection and organization process easier, follow these tips:

Curate your collection:

Start by curating a collection of your best photos or artwork that align with the chosen theme. Be selective and choose pieces that evoke strong emotions or tell a compelling story.

Create a hierarchy:

Once you have your collection, create a hierarchy based on the importance or chronology of the pieces. This will help you determine the order in which they will appear in your coffee table book.

Group and categorize:

Group similar photos or artwork together to create visual coherence. You could organize them by location, subject, color scheme, or any other relevant criteria. This will give your coffee table book a structured and organized look.

Tips for designing your custom coffee table book layout

The layout of your coffee table book significantly influences its readability and visual impact. Follow these tips to create a captivating and well-designed layout:

Establish a grid:

Start by establishing a grid system that will guide the placement of your photos or artwork, text, and other design elements. A grid will ensure consistency and balance throughout the book.

Play with white space:

White space, or negative space, is essential to give your coffee table book a clean and sophisticated look. Experiment with different amounts of whitespace and consider the impact it has on the overall composition.

Use complementary colors:

Select a color palette that complements the theme of your coffee table book. Harmonious color choices will enhance the visual appeal and cohesiveness of your layout.

Tips for preparing your artwork for printing

To ensure that your coffee table book turns out exactly as you envision, it’s crucial to properly prepare your artwork for printing. Follow these tips to achieve the best possible results:

Work with high-resolution files:

Use high-resolution files for your photos or artwork to ensure sharpness and clarity when printed, such as PDF file. Low-resolution files may result in pixelation or loss of detail.

Convert to the correct color profile:

Convert your artwork to the appropriate color profile for printing, such as CMYK. This will ensure accurate color reproduction and prevent any color shifts.

Proofread and double-check:

Before sending your artwork for printing, carefully proofread all text and double-check the layout. Ensure that everything is in place and that there are no errors or inconsistencies.

Selecting the right post-press finish for your coffee table book

customized coffee table book printing

The post-press finish of your coffee table book adds that final touch of elegance and protection. Consider the following tips when selecting the right finish:

Choose a protective coating:

Opt for a protective coating, such as a varnish or lamination, to safeguard your coffee table book from scratches, fingerprints, and UV damage. This will ensure its longevity and maintain its pristine appearance.

Consider embossing or foil stamping:

Add a touch of luxury by incorporating embossed details or foil stamping on the cover or specific pages of your coffee table book. These finishing techniques can elevate the overall aesthetic and make your book stand out.


Creating a customized coffee table book is a rewarding and creative process. It allows you to express your personality and share your most cherished moments. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can unlock the power of personalization and design a coffee table book that is truly unique and reflective of your individuality. So, let your creativity soar and create a masterpiece that will be cherished for years to come.

Start the journey of creating your own customized coffee table book today and showcase your unique story to the world!


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