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8 tips for a beautiful booklet printing

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A booklet is a folded piece of paper, flyer or booklet used as a marketing tool to promote information about products, events or services. Here are some tips to keep you right when you focus on the next feeling in booklet printing.booklet printing in china (12)


1) Choose the correct binding type

A booklet is a bound publication that is thinner than a book. For less pages (8-40 pages), simple saddle stitching is recommended. If you have more pages (20–240), consider choosing the perfect binding.


2) Leave space for binding

When creating artwork for bound documents, remember to leave enough space for binding to prevent important text from being cut off or difficult to read.


3) Design elements

Design elements (images, fonts and colors) will determine the overall appeal of the booklet. Choosing the right design elements to show your brand honestly is essential. Make sure that the chapter titles of the booklet are helpful and descriptive or inspire curiosity.


4) Cover making

Whether you are printing press releases, magazines or company reports in booklets, your cover is critical to its success. It must have the ability to attract attention, no matter where it is placed, whether it is placed on a shelf or distributed in person, it should be eye-catching and inspiring. To ensure this, please pay special attention to the previous typesetting.


5) Use high-resolution images

Remember to use high-resolution originals.


6)Choose the direction that best suits the content layout


7)Choose the correct paper weight for the inner pages


8)Choose the best paper for the cover

The cover of the booklet can make the difference between being picked up or discarded. Choose heavier paper for the cover to make the booklet more durable.


If you want to make a booklet that will appeal to an audience, you need to find an experienced booklet printing service and creative design company. Contact us immediately, we can meet all your design and printing needs. And to provide the cheap booklet printing and best quality of booklet printing china.


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