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7 binding methods commonly used in the printing industry

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As the so-called “binding into a book”, binding is the overall operation process of a book from collating to the top and forming into a book. Generally, it includes processing procedures such as sorting, connecting, stitching, equipping, and covering the printed pages in order. Commonly used in paperback books, magazines, corporate reports, brochures, manuals and annual reports. One of the most professional book printers in china below will introduce you to 7 commonly used binding methods:


(1) Saddle stitching.

This is one of the most common binding methods. It is fast, affordable and easy to read.

(2) Perfect binding.

Because of its good flatness, currently, a large number of books and periodicals use this binding method. The beautifully designed cover and the text are glued together by special adhesives and punched by the binding machine to bind them into a book. Perfect binding is ideal for binding brochures, reports and other documents.

(3) Coil binding.

It can be divided into two common ways: apron binding and iron ring binding. The main advantage is that it is easy to browse and change pages. As the most popular binding method, coil binding is best for you if you are looking for a safe way to keep your documents intact.

This method is perfect, especially when you prefer easy access to your documents. With coil binding, your document can be opened up to 360 degrees. This makes copying and taking notes very easy.

(4) Flat order

It is a binding method in which the printed book pages are folded and affixed into a book, and the matched book affixes are stacked and bound with thread or wire 5 mm away from the edge on the side of the binding opening, and then the cover is bound. The binding method is simple, even and odd-numbered pages can be ordered.

(5) Luxury hardcover

This binding method is luxurious, sophisticated, high-end and durable, and can freely design the text size. It is the most powerful of all binding methods.

(6) Edge binding

After punching holes in the data with a binding machine, string them onto a plastic sheet connected by a special slender plastic rod and press it by hand. It is convenient and fast, and it is very easy to add and subtract content.

(7) Thread binding

There are “softcover” and “hardcover” points. The former does not cover the corners and does not cut the mouth; the latter covers the corners or the mouth, and the cover material is more exquisite. Thread binding allows the page to be rotated 360 degrees, which means that it is very convenient to take notes, draw charts and make different illustrations. Thread binding is safe enough to keep all your documents intact for a long time.

You can consider looking for experienced China book printing factory and binding solutions to provide you with the best China printing service, so that you can get the best printing results.


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