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5 Types Of Common Use Printing Paper

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book pinted in china

In book printing china, there have many kinds of papers are use in printing, and original prints correspond to different papers. Here are the 5 common use printing papers:, and different prints correspond to different papers. Here are the 5 common used printing papers:

1. Coated paper:

Coated paper call powder paper in Hong Kong and other regions. It is a premium printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint. The surface of the paper is smooth and the whiteness is high. The paper fiber is even distributed. The thickness is consistent, and the flexibility is small. It has good elasticity and strong water resistance and tensile properties. The absorption and reception of ink are very good.

Coated paper can divide into single-sided coated paper, double-sided coated paper. Have matte coated paper and cloth coated paper, too. According to the quality is divide into A, B, C three grades.

The coated paper is very bright in color, the paper is very absorbable, and the color reproduction is high. It is most used for photos, landscapes, and some postcards with rich colors. It can coated, and it has a better feel after coating. The original material of the paper is smooth and textured. Main use of pop-up book printing, picture book printing, etc.
Because the coated paper is too smooth, the handwriting is not suitable for drying. So the things written with the pen and water pen are easy to erased. Changed postmarks and seals will also erase immediately. Compared to the same gram of paper, the hardness is medium, not hard. Inexpensive. It is easy to become curled in the south windy day, and it is not resistant to moisture.

2. Offset paper:

Made from bleached chemical softwood pulp and an appropriate amount of bamboo pulp. And use glue to coat both sides of the paper. Double-sided coating with sizing material or calendering, small stretch-ability and uniform ink absorption. Good smoothness, tight and opaque texture. Good whiteness and strong water resistance.

Offset paper is a advanced book printing paper. Has higher requirements on the ratio, stretch ratio and surface strength during printing. The acidity and alkalinity should also be close to neutral or slight alkaline.

Offset paper is main used for printing manuals, sticky notes, colored paper. Story book printing, monochromatic or multi-color book. Printing covers,text, inserts, color trademarks and various packaging products.

3. Matte paper

The difference from coated paper is that the surface of matte paper is matte. The paper fiber is even distributed, the thickness is good, and the density is high. Matte paper has good elasticity and has strong water resistance and tensile properties. Its ink absorption and reception state are slight lower than that of coated paper. But its thickness is slight higher than that of coated paper. Main used for printing albums, cards, postcards, exquisite product samples, etc.

4. Writing paper:

It is a kind of cultural paper with large consumption for writing, and it has five grades: special, 1, 2, 3 and 4. The writing paper is white in color, smooth on both sides, tight in texture, and does not smear when writing. Suitable for forms, exercise books, account books, record books, etc.

5. White cardboard:

It is a kind of thick, thick and heavy paper. The surface of this paper is smooth and calendered with high stiffness. White cardboard is main used for business cards, certificates. Invitations, packaging boxes, tags, handbags, covers, monthly desk calendars and postal postcards.

Book printing china is printing manufacturer. For various of book printing, paper box printing, magazine and other printing services. providing customers with service solutions for related businesses. If you have any printing questions, please leave a message.

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