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5 Softwares Recommendation For Book Design And Typesetting

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design software recommendation

When printing a book, the excellent book design can bring better printing effect to your book. Base on different book types of design needs. Here are 5 common book design And Typesetting software recommendation to help you fast design your book.

1. Photoshop software


Adobe Photoshop, referred to as "PS". Photoshop is an image processing software developed and distributed by Adobe Systems. Photoshop often use to deals with digital images composed of pixels. With its many editing and drawing tools, you can effectively edit pictures. Photoshop has many functions, involving in image, graphics, text, video, publishing and other aspects. Adobe supports Windows operating system, Android system and MacOS. But Linux operating system users can run Photoshop by using Wine.

Graphic design is the most used Photoshop. Whether it is a book cover, posters, or posters. Especially in hardcover book printing and design. When design the cover, most authors like to use it to design cover file. These graphic prints usually need Photoshop software to process images.

2. Adobe illustrator software

Adobe illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is an industry-standard vector illustration software for publishing, multimedia and online images. As an excellent image processing tool. We often used adobe illustrator in printing and publishing, poster and book typesetting, professional illustration design, multimedia image processing, etc. Adobe illustrator can also provide high precision and control for line drafts. Adobe illustrator is also suitable for producing any small design to large complex projects.

3. CorelDRAW software


CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a graphic design software of Corel, Canada. This software is a vector graphics production tool software produced by Corel. This graphics tool provides designers with vector animation, page design, website production, bitmap editing and web animation, etc. function. 

The Graphics Software is an award-winning graphics and image editing software. It includes two drawing applications: one for vector graphics and page design, and the other one for image editing. This set of drawing software combination brings users powerful interactive tools. Enabling users to create a variety of dynamic special effects and real-time effects of dot matrix images. This software can fulfill in simple operations—without losing the current work. Through Coreldraw's comprehensive design and web page functions. It can integrate into the user's existing design scheme, which is full of flexibility. 

The software provides briefings, color pages, manuals, product packaging, logos, web pages and other design functions for professional designers and drawing enthusiasts. CorelDRAW software provides intelligent drawing tools and new dynamic wizards. It can fully reduce the difficulty of user manipulation. It allows users to easier and accurately create the size and position of objects. To reduce click steps and saving design time.

4. PageMaker software


PageMaker software is a typesetting software. Its strength lies in the ability to handle large sections of long text and characters. And it can handle many pages and can perform page numbering and page binding. PageMaker is easy to operate but full-featured. Users can get started fast with rich templates, graphics, and intuitive design tools. We can see various of product designed and produced by PageMaker in our lives. For example: books, brochures, magazines, picture albums, newspapers, product packaging, advertising bags, advertising posters and so on.

5. InDesign software


InDesign software is a design software positioned in the field of professional typesetting. It is a new platform for corporate professional publishing solutions. Which released by Adobe on September 1, 1999. 

InDesign draws on the strengths of many families. And draws essence from a variety of desktop publishing technologies. Such as combining highly structured program methods. Such as QuarkXPress and Corel-Ventura. A typesetting software of the famous Corel Company with the more natural PageMaker method. It provides a series of more complete typesetting functions for flexible and complex design work. Such as magazines, books, and advertisements. In particular, the software is based on an innovative, object-oriented open system. Allowing third parties to carry out secondary development to expand and add functions. It has increased the ability of professional designers. To express their ideas and opinions with typesetting tool software. Its powerful function is not inferior to QuarkXPress. And its performance is even more outstanding than PageMaker.

Adobe InDesign integrates a variety of key technologies. Including image, font, printing, and color management technologies owned by all Adobe professional software. Through these programs, Adobe offers the industry's first ability. To achieve consistent screen and print capabilities. Besides, Adobe InDesign includes support for Adobe PDF, allowing PDF-based digital works.

InDesign software is a design software positioned in the field of professional typesetting. It is different from Adobe's other two familiar software (Photoshop, Illustrator). It is more suitable for typesetting operations usage habits.

If say Photoshop is more suitable for design the books with much illustration. Like comic book, graphic novel, children's book, art book, etc. InDesign is more suitable for design the book with much of text. Like catalog, magazine, story book, novel, etc. design and typesetting.

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