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5 precautions for color leaflet printing

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leaflet printing 


Many customers only know the design when doing leaflet printing, but they have not considered how to print the leaflet, what paper materials should be used for the leaflet, and how to control the printing cost, which leads to dissatisfaction with the printing. Now let a professional China printing company talk about some printing precautions for leaflet printing.


1. Pay attention to the bleeding position

First of all, when designing a leaflet, you must consider the problem of bleeding. For example, if you want to print an a4 size leaflet, then the design file you make cannot occupy the original a4 paper. The paper used by the printing factory to print the leaflet is often the same. Large sheets are then cut according to the customer’s requirements. If you fill up the paper, you often cut out the useful positions when cutting the paper, making a leaflet on the website incomplete.  


2. The choice of paper thickness for company leaflets

The thickness of the paper mentioned in leaflet printing actually refers to the weight of the paper. The higher the gram, the greater the hardness. Commonly used paper is 157 grams of double offset paper or double copper paper. Paper of this weight is neither thick nor thin. The ideal weight for ordinary leaflets. Audiences in different industries have different requirements for the viewing of promotional leaflets and different requirements for the quality of the paper. For example, if you are a fast food restaurant, the audience will generally have a relatively short time to browse the leaflets, so the requirements for paper are not High, maybe they will throw it away if they just take a look, then the effect won’t increase much, but the cost will double.  


3. The influence of the material of the paper on the leaflet

As mentioned earlier, the leaflets of leaflets generally use double offset paper or double copper paper. The reason is that these two types of paper are cheap and have good printing effects. The printed effect is similar to that of printing paper, with a little frosted feel. Although the color is not so gorgeous, it feels better! Double copper paper printed leaflets are also quite good. The major feature of double copper paper is that one is born. The reflection of the bright surface makes the printed pattern more gorgeous and the color more realistic. Of course, different audiences in different industries are one of the important factors in deciding how to use paper. For example, in order to make the food more textured, some restaurants can consider using double offset paper, because the double offset paper feels better and is more realistic. It is also a restaurant, if you want food patterns to be more refined, especially some close-up pictures, the use of double copper paper can achieve a high effect.


4. The cost of printing leaflets should be considered

Points 2 and 3 actually involve cost issues. The larger the number of grams, the higher the cost. The price of different papers varies greatly. Double offset paper and double bond paper are more cost-effective and are the choice for cost control. In addition, cost control is whether to use imposition printing or special printing. Imposition printing is printed in large quantities with other units, which can greatly save paper and labor, so the price is relatively cheap, but because many materials are printed together, it is difficult to follow the color. It is normal for the color difference to be relatively large. The thickness of the paper and the number of leaflets printed A little less is normal. The other is special edition printing, which is just the opposite of imposition printing. It consumes more paper, requires more labor, and has a higher price. Due to the special color matching, the color difference is small, the quantity is sufficient, and the thickness can be controlled.


5. If the printing quality requirements for leaflets are very high, special editions, special printing, and proofing should be considered

Some leaflets are not for the general public, and may need to face some more high-end customers, such as foreign friends, etc., which need to make the leaflets show a higher publicity effect. It is recommended to use special edition printing. The advantages of special edition printing will not be repeated as described above. In addition, proofing needs to be provided. Sometimes after the printed document is designed, the computer color and the printing color are different. There will be a relatively large color difference, the computer display is more vivid, and the printed product is not so vivid, which will cause the color of the promotional leaflet. Sometimes there are errors in the text, which can also be found and corrected in the proofing.

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