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4 Trends Of Children’s Book Printing

Time: 2023-01-10 Hits: 124

children's book writing

With the children’s book development, the competitive of children’s book market is becoming more and more fierce. At present, children’s book printing towards 4 trends to develop.


1. Bright color


Children are very sensitive to the bright and gorgeous color. Because bright color with a strong visual impact and appeal. It can quickly attract children’s attention. In the traditional children’s book printing, the color is always the key to children’s book design. Such as a certain animal does not necessarily need the actual color in the traditional sense. And no longer pursue the accurate reproduction of the actual color. It can adopt more exaggerated techniques and combine many other tones on the basis of reality. Which can capture the color of the animal well and meet children’s curiosity.


2. Three-dimensional shape


Children’s thinking is relatively simple and direct, and the imagination is not deep enough. So the intuitive three-dimensional shape can be consistent with children’s acceptance. If the designer follows the content of the article and designs characters, animals, plants, houses, cartoon people, etc. into three-dimensional shapes in the book. When the pages of the book are opened, the animals and plants can stand upright in front of the eyes, which can better stimulate children’s curiosity. It attracts children’s interest in reading and enables children to understand the knowledge in the book most directly. This three-dimensional shape has long appeared in various greeting cards and commemorative cards. If the idea of this three-dimensional shape is applied to the binding of children’s books. Although it is not an innovation in design, it is also an idea for reference.


3. Interactive handmade


Children are curious by nature and love to destroy and build. In the past, we often use some special, tear-resistant materials to make children’s books, called “books that won’t tear apart”. Children like tearing apart, from which they can experience the fun of playing and explore new things. So we should find ways to satisfy them. In the printing of children’s books, some interactive handmade materials can be designed. Which can be cut and folded into various things for young readers. Some self-adhesive stickers can also be designed for young readers to tear off and paste in other corresponding places. Or in the book, put some paper puzzles in the middle, and teach children to do puzzles in an interactive way.


4. Multisensory experience


To suit the child’s nature and develop the child’s life potential. The designer can also place some objects in the book. Such as a small paper bag with a seed and a little nutritious soil, and let the child take the seed and soil, and follow the instructions in the book. The knowledge of cultivating seeds, and watching the growth, experience the fun.


In children’s book design and printing. If can let the children experience real thing through different senses, the children will love your book. Such of sense experience, apart from using bright colors visually. We also can use creative designs in other sensory aspects.


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