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4 Things You Need to Consider When Printing Your Book

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In our daily life, the accompany of books is indispensable. From childhood to adulthood, we acquire knowledge by reading various books, or use it as an entertainment tool to pass the time. If you want to enjoy the advantages of book printing, please consider these factors when choosing a company to publish your books.


Choose the right paper

Most printers start with 70g paper (equivalent to the weight of ordinary copy paper), and the thickest cover can reach 200g. This type of paper has a smooth glossy finish or a matte finish. It produces vivid colors and professional image quality. This type of paper is ideal for covers and special inserts. For the main pages of this book, please consider using 80g matte text, which has been finely coated and painted with a non-glossy finish. This will provide an excellent opaque basis for clear and legible typesetting.

The size of your book

Many designers often think that the size of books is the same as our common A3, A4, and A5 sizes, but in fact this size is only suitable for a small amount of digital printing in graphic shops, and really large printing equipment needs to consider the equipment The largest format factor, so the printing size of books, periodicals and albums will be different from our common printing paper size.

About A3 size book printing size: 8 open 420mm*285mm About A4 size book printing size: 16 open 210mm*285mm About A5 size book printing size: 32 open 210mm*140mm About A6 size book printing size: 64 open 140mm *100mm

The above are the commonly used sizes for book printing. Typesetting according to this size makes printing cheaper. The reason is that imposition printing is performed according to the size of the printer and paper, saving paper and saving time, of course, saving costs. If you need some special designs, it is best to communicate with the staff of the printing plant, and they will also advise you on how to print to save costs.

Choose the best binding method for your book

Depending on the size of your book, there are some binding options available to help reduce costs. The most professional books are usually perfectly bound, which is perfect for books with 120 pages or more. However, if you use 120 pages or less, I recommend square-back binding. This type of binding is a fairly new option, and it provides the same professional and exquisite appearance as a perfect binding book.

Choose the typography of your book

Each page of the book is composed of text and icons of different sizes. When choosing a font, your first priority should be readability. Regardless of the content and format of the book, you must ensure that the number of characters, line spacing, and length are basically the same when typesetting. Only in this way can the book look standard, neat, and not messy.

Typesetting also needs to deal with the interrelationships between the title, page number, text, annotations, and charts, so that readers can read easily, and the layout is coordinated and beautiful.

book printing

By taking the above factors into consideration, you can feel confident that the finished physical product is just as good as the story it holds.If you want to custom publish books, it is better to cooperate with professional book printers in china, who have more professional experience to help you print books that are more popular with consumers. And they also provide the cheap book printing China with a low cost for you.

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