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4 classifications and uses of printing paper

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printing paper 

Everyone knows that printing paper is the paper used by printing houses for printing. However, different papers are also used by printing houses for printing different books, periodicals, and albums. Therefore, printing paper is also divided into many types, and different types have different uses. So do you know what types of printing paper are divided into? The following China printing company will take you to see what types of printing paper are available, and what are the functions.


1. Offset paper (Cream paper)

Offset paper is divided into three types according to the ratio of No. 1 pulp to No. 2 pulp. There are two sides, one side and two sides, two-layer super calendering and normal calendering.

Offset paper has low flexibility, uniform ink absorption, good smoothness, dense and opaque texture, good whiteness and strong water resistance. Used in the processing and manufacturing of tissue packaging and decorative printing. Offset paper cannot be stacked too high. Especially to prevent high smoothness and a large amount of ink from adhering to the back. Usually use antifouling agent, powder spray or paper lining. High-quality conjunctival offset printing ink and lead printing ink should be used. The viscosity of the ink should not be too high, otherwise dust and hair will appear.

Uses: Offset paper is mainly used in offset (offset) printing or other printing machines for printing high-end color prints, such as color picture books, picture books, posters, color printing trademarks, and some advanced book covers, illustrations, etc.


2. Coated paper

After being processed by the super calender, the coated paper (also called art  paper) is coated with a white paste on the base paper. High-grade printing paper is also called printing coated paper. It has the characteristics of high whiteness, uniform paper fiber distribution, uniform thickness, fine thickness, stretchability, good elasticity, strong water resistance and tensile strength, and good ink absorption and reception. The printing pressure of coated paper should not be too high, you can choose resin ink and bright ink for offset printing. In order to prevent the backside from getting dirty, methods such as antifouling agents and powder coatings can be used.

Coated paper is mainly used for printing picture books, covers, postcards, exquisite product samples and color trademarks.


3. White paper

White paper is the outer packaging paper used to print various trademarks and packaging cartons.

The white paper is composed of lining paper pulp and flour pulp. The flour paste is white, and the lining paste is the raw material. Depending on the surface of the paper, white papers can be divided into flour white papers and ordinary white papers. According to the bottom, there are two types: gray bottom and white bottom. White paper quality requirements: white, smooth, uniform thickness, firm texture, no deinking and hair removal, uniform ink absorption, tensile shrinkage, good toughness, bending and cracking.

Mainly used for printing packaging boxes and commodity decorative liners. In book binding, it is used to bind materials such as the inner cover of a hardcover book and the diameter paper (spine) in a hardcover book.


4. Letterpress paper

Letterpress printing paper is the main paper used when printing books and magazines using letterpress printing. According to the distribution ratio of paper materials, letterpress paper can be divided into four grades: 1, 2, 3, and 4. The higher the number, the worse the paper quality.

Letterpress printing paper is mainly used for letterpress printing. Since the ratio of pulp to silk pulp is better than newsprint, the texture of embossed paper is more uniform, and the gaps between the fibers are filled with a certain amount of filler and rubber. After bleaching, the paper has good printing adaptability. Although its ink absorption performance is not as good as newsprint, it has the characteristics of uniform ink absorption, water resistance and paper whiteness better than newsprint.

Convex paper has uniform texture, no hair, slightly elastic, opaque, slightly water-resistant, and has certain characteristics such as mechanical strength.

Suitable for important works, scientific books, academic journals, university textbooks, etc.

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