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3 Common Printing Style Of Custom Children Bible Story Book

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 bible story book

The book printing style takes an important role in custom bible story book. With different printing style, the book effect is different. It willdirectly affect the reading experience of readers. Now, let me introduce the 3 common printing style in custom bible story book.

1. Paperback printing style

Paperback also knows as perfect binding. This binding method is very popular in bible story book printing services. Because its cost is very low and easy to transport. For any self-publisher or company on a budget, custom paperback story book is the first choice.

2. Board book printing style

In a recent year, baby's bible story board book is very popular in printing industry. Especially hot sale in the children's book market of 0-3 years old. Because children at this age start to read, they can't focus on the book for a long time. Such of book with more beautiful pictures and simple content, it is easy to attract the baby to read. More important, print bible story board book for the baby,they can play as a toy. Play is a child's nature. So children's Bible storybooks meet their learning needs in play. When playing the game,it can train baby's intelligence, let the baby play more and moresmartly. Although the cost of printing bible story board book is very high. But most publishers choose board book vs hardcover printing these two styles. Because these two styles of bible story book are popular than others in the bible story book market.

If you have enough budget or hope the bible story book has long timed use. Custom bible story board book is a good choice. The children can tear, can fall this kind of book and not easy to damage. It is also waterproof. It will not fade even if the child gets it wet.

3. Hardcover printing style.

Hardcover story bible book printing is the most popular in the bible story bookmarket. First editions are usually hardcover stories. In the beginning, publishers published hardcover bible storybooks to make the most money.The usual technique for hardcover bible story book involves sanding andnearly polishing the three sides of the book. Then applying a film of gold to the edges of the book with a heated silicone rubber roller. Most think it'sjust for aesthetic reasons to protect the book from the human hand component.Compared to paperback bible story book printing, the cost of custom hardcover bible story book is very high. But it looks more high end and more collectible.

Above 3 printing style are common use in custom bible story book. When you choose the printing style for custom your bible story book. You need to consider your budget and the content of bible story book. Not expensive is the best, only the right is the best.

How to Start Your Bible Storybook Customization?

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