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14 types of cover materials for book printing

Time: 2022-08-24 Hits: 209

book cover for binding

The cover is very important in custom book cover printing. Different of cover material for book printing, the book effect will be different. Below, 14 types of cover materials will help you how to select a right cover material for your book.

1. Paper and cardboard cover

Paper is the most common cover material. The commonly used paper cover is 80-200g/m2, but it is not suitable for hardcover cover. The use of cardboard (250 ~ 400g/m2) covers has been extremely common in recent years.

2. Leather cover

We use it for the cover processing of luxury hardcover, leather bound photo book printing, leather notebook printing, etc.

3. Cloth cover 

We often use cloth for book binding. Such as custom the cover of hardcover book.

4. Paint coating cover

It is a substitute for leather cover. We often use it as the cover of ordinary hardcover books, certificates. This material is polluting and has been used less in recent years.

5. Plastics cover

We divide plastics into soft and hard. I use soft plastic for the cover of notebook and hardcover cover of student books. We used very little hard plastic, we often use it for the cover of the notebook.

6. Films cover

In recent years, film-covered covers have been widely used. In paperback book printing, over 60% of them use film-covered covers. The proportion of paper-covered covers in custom hardcover books is also increasing.

7. PVC coating cover

Generally, the PVC coated cover and we bond the cardboard to form a hardcover book cover. Or directly adhered to the booklet to become a soft-faced hardcover book).

8. Resin impregnated and non-impregnated cover

Commonly known as pattern paper, we can use it for the cover of various books. Such as the cover of softcover book printing and hardcover book printing.

9. Dipping and coating cover

We often use it for hardcover cover processing, like the effect of genuine leather.

10. Resin glue composite fabric and paper

We can print this cover material in four colors on one side of the fabric and can get excellent results. It is a more high-end hardcover cover material.

11. PVC frosted cover

This kind of material can be fake and real, and after processing, it is like the effect of real leather. We can use it as the cover of hardcover books printing.

12. Regenerating skin 

We can make it into a cover instead of genuine leather. Because it has the characteristics of more varieties than genuine leather, bright color, beautiful appearance and low price.

13. Metal and paper composites 

The surface color of this material is solemn, elegant and beautiful. We can use it for the covers of ancient books. And print the covers of modern high-end hardcover books.

14. UV glazing cover

In recent years, the number of covers with UV printing graphics and glazing has gradually increased. Which can be used for various cover bindings, and its processing is convenient and the effect is good.


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