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Какво е вашето време за производство?

For paperback book printing usually takes 12days, for hardcover books usually takes 15days. Крайният срок за производство зависи от количеството и изискванията за книгите ви. 


If your need urgent, I advise you tell us your lead time, кога ще имате окончателни произведения на изкуството, and when you need them? Then our sales will check with factory and shipping company whether we can meet your time or not. If the time is okay then we take your order, if cannot we will not take it. We take your order we will make sure you will get it 100% on time. We will not cause your in time trouble, we will let factory speed up production day to night for you, and this is for free. No extra cost. 

Meanwhile if your order is bulk delivery and cannot reach on time by sea, we advise you ship small quantity by air in advance, while rest shipping by sea, that can make sure reach on time and save you some money.