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How to type illustrations with text in book printing?

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(1) Generally, the text moves from една страница към следващия страница. According to the principle of "text before picture", the picture should be arranged after the end of the paragraph of text on the next страница. But if it causes the illustration to be out of line with the text, it must be handled flexibly, and the graph is arranged before the relevant text, that is, the graph is arranged at the end of the страница, and the text is arranged at the top of the next страница. In actual typesetting, when the илюстрация and the text are difficult to approach, the following methods can be solved the issue in печат на книги:

when the text is arranged to the bottom corner of the хартия, happens to meet the illustration, there is no space on the same side, it will appear if the first row of the map, the text will be arranged to the next страница; The text should be arranged first, and the picture should be arranged next. In this case, if the two страници are the control version (double страници across single страница), that is, do not need to turn the page to see the илюстрация и текст, след това can be connected. When crossing from single страница to double страници, we should try to avoid илюстрация and text separation too far.


Illustrations generally can not cross section row, there are illustrations cross section row, should try to adjust. More difficult to deal with the situation has two kinds: one is the end of the version of the chart, if the chart in the next page, there may be cross-section phenomenon. The figure should be placed at the end of the page and a few lines of the text of the section on the next side. The second is when the string text is long, the string text section appears. This situation is generally difficult to use other methods to adjust the solution, and can only be arranged in the section of the string of text.



(2) If there are a lot of illustrations in a text, must be strictly in accordance with the order of the layout, several pictures had better be arranged on the same страница, if one страница can not be arranged and must turn the Следваща страница, you can make part of the илюстрации in front of the text, part of the илюстрации in the text after and the next страница.


(3) If the печат на книги илюстрацияs сте toomany, and more concentrated, and the width of the илюстрация е надвишил 1/2 of the center, can not be arranged, the илюстрация is best in the middle of the страница.


(4) when turning the страница, the text should be arranged first, and then the illustration. If two илюстрации do not fit in a positive direction on the same страница, they can be horizontally arranged.


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