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What should be paid attention to the catalog printing?

Vaxt: 2021-04-30 Zərbələr: 9

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Catalog printing is not uncommon, especially for enterprise kataloq çapı. In order to promote their own companies, they often attract the attention of the public through beautifully printed catalogs, and divert the attention of the public to their own companies. Then corporate catalog printing is the finishing touch for enterprises. Next, I will introduce the precautions for enterprise catalog printing.

1. Points to note in the printing of corporate catalogs

First of all, the focus of catalog printing is color matching. Some catalogs are brightly colored to attract attention, and some color combinations are comfortable and refreshing. Lakin, most corporate catalogs are printed in color, so everyone should pay more attention to the color block.  Do not use dark colors when combining color pictures. Secondly, the color effect printed in the catalog may be different from what you imagined. In order to achieve the pure colors in everyone’s mind, everyone should pay attention to the color of the bottom of the catalog not to be too dark, otherwise other photos and texts are easy to see and unclear, and there is a good catalog The shading of the printing should not be too complicated, the pattern should not be too dense, and neither pictures nor text can be printed out of the borders set around the catalog. One more point, after the catalog is printed, pay attention to check the printing is correct. The text should pay attention to whether the typesetting has omissions, typos, skipping and other issues. There is also a certain distance between the up, down, left, and right sides of the business catalog when it’s printed. If the company has its own printing habits when the company catalog is printed, it must be noted in red in the document.

2. Attention to the skills of business catalog printing

One of the techniques for enterprise kataloq çap etmək is binding method. For corporate catalogs, you can appropriately change the binding method based on the number of pages in your corporate catalog to find the final suitable binding method. If the catalog is relatively thin, you can choose to use horseback riding. Order. This kind of binding method is relatively guarded now, this kind of binding method is very good, not only very strong, but also more convenient to operate. For thicker catalogs, you can use the cross-thread binding method. Əlbəttə, there are many ways to bind corporate catalog printing.

Details determine success or failure. A small detail in the printing of a enterprise catalog is likely to have a great impact. You can choose a suitable binding method according to the image of the company, the design of the catalog, the composition of the content, the number of pages, and the size of the catalog. 

Faktiki olaraq, there are many other precautions for catalog printing. You can contact us at any time to learn more about kataloq çapı china. Məsələn, you can consider adding more decorative craftsmanship when printing corporate catalogs, so as not to look exquisite and beautiful, and to increase the curiosity of the public to understand the company and increase the favorability of the company, so as to increase the intensity of publicity of the company.