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لماذا تحتاج دفاتر الصور إلى التصفيح؟ ما هو دور الفيلم الرقائقي؟  

الوقت: 2022-01-05 الزيارات: 20


We know that when we take a كتاب صور and open it, we will find that is very bright. What is it? I believe most people may be confused when they hear this question. In fact, this is a post-printing process, and the film has a lightweight film and a matte film. To this end, طابعات في الصين سوف أخبرك عن ذلك.

1. What are the characteristics of the طباعة كتاب الصور after laminating?

1. Light film: Light film can be effectively separated from the surface of printed matter. After the film is processed, not only the surface is very bright, but also the gloss is very good.

2. Matte film: The surface effect of the matte film is layered mist. The reason for its existence is because it is matte during the lamination process, so it looks more artistic and tactile. There will be an uneven feeling, and there is no smooth feeling like a light film.

2. What is the difference between the light film used in printing and the مطفي الفيلم؟

الفئة الاحترافية شركة الطباعة الصينية اقولs everyone that the above two methods are used to improve the texture of the finished product. To meet printing requirements, some of them are also used. Therefore, in the printing process, بوب film is often used, and its film composition is BOPP + EVA double-layer composite film. This material can be used regardless of whether it is a film or a frosted film, but it will be different in the subsequent operation. However, this is not too complicated, and the company can choose to set the glue layer or not to set the glue layer according to its own needs. Adding a layer of glue can effectively ensure the durability of the album. In the long run, this can save the company costs.

في الواقع ، في صور كتاب طبع process, in addition to the light film and frosted film, other processes can also be used, such as UV coating, hot stamping and other processes. UV coating can make the printed matter more durable, and the hot stamping process can effectively print. But the price of these crafts will be relatively expensive. If there are no special requirements for the company, the process of using light film and matte film can effectively improve the texture of the album.