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ما الذي يجب الانتباه إليه عند طباعة الكتاب بحبر معكوس؟

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The following are some points to note about mirror ink in book printing proposed by an experienced الصين شركة طباعة:

① In addition to a small amount of resin and flake aluminum pigments in screen printing mirror inks, the solvent accounts for more in the mirror ink, so the viscosity of the mirror ink is very low. When screen printing, do not use diagonal screens as much as possible, otherwise the flow will be more. It is very powerful, so regardless of ال manual technology of طابعات في الصين or machine printing, parallel lift screens should be used, so that the thin water ink is always covered on the screens to avoid or reduce the blocking of the screen and the normal progress of the screen printing.


②If you choose a screen printer for printing, you should change the metal ink-returning scraper to a rubber-made ink-returning scraper to make the ink evenly coated on the screen.


③During the printing process, the mirror ink is very easy to dry. In addition to being easy to block the network, the dried mirror ink will accumulate on the network and become "silver residue", which reduces the mirror effect of the printed matter.


Therefore, the coating range of mirror ink on the web should be controlled as close as possible to the printing area of the effective graphics, otherwise, due to the large coating area, the solvent in the mirror ink will quickly volatilize and cause the web to be blocked and continuous printing cannot be performed.


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