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عملية الطباعة وما بعد الطباعة في طباعة الكتاب

الوقت: 2021-08-31 الزيارات: 16

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بشكل عام كتاب printing, many post-pressing processes are very complicated. Here are some knowledge about post-pressing processes من طابعات في الصين.


1.عملية التزجيج

The glazing process can not only embellish the printed products with a variety of colors, but also can give the printed products some special functions, such as waterproofing, moisture-proof, protecting printed graphics, and increasing the fastness of paper products. Many packaging users have produced them through the glazing process. Special effects are used to maintain and consolidate the brand image of products, so that glazing technology and equipment have been developed rapidly.


2.Die cutting process

Divided in the form of die-cutting, the die-cutting process can be divided into round die-cutting, round die-cutting and flat die-cutting. The flat die-cutting method can be used for various occasions with different needs. It can be used for high-speed continuous die-cutting, but also for manual feeding and semi-automatic die-cutting. It is widely used in various industries and occupies a major position in the domestic packaging processing market. The application of in-line circular die-cutting in high-end fields such as cigarette packs has begun to take shape, while the circular flattening process is rarely used and is mainly used for die-cutting of large-size products.


3.Hot stamping process

The hot stamping process can be divided into several methods such as hot stamping, cold stamping, concave-convex stamping and holographic stamping. Hot stamping can be divided into ordinary anodized aluminum hot stamping and holographic anodized aluminum hot stamping according to the different anodized aluminum materials.


The improvement of the chemical properties of hot stamping foil provides a reliable guarantee for the substantial increase in hot stamping speed. Therefore, the current hot stamping process can be completed online. Hot stamping and then printing has also become another development trend of hot stamping technology, which also benefits from the improvement and improvement of the chemical properties of stamping foils, so that UV inks can be used for printing on stamping foils. Overprinting opaque or transparent colored inks after hot stamping can achieve fascinating effects and provide endless design solutions for packaging designers.


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