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كيف تضمن شركة طباعة الكتب ذات الأغلفة الكرتونية تقنية برونز عالية الجودة؟

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A gorgeous hardcover book is inseparable from the decoration of the surface treatment of the cover. Among them, the bronzing process is loved by everyone for its exquisite atmosphere. So how do طابعات في الصين ensure that we can get high-quality bronzing technology?


First of all, we will popularize the three basic elements that affect hot stamping: temperature, pressure and hot stamping time. Therefore, if you want to get the ideal hot stamping effect, the process parameters such as hot stamping temperature, hot stamping pressure, and hot stamping speed must be reasonably mastered; in addition, the quality of raw materials related to hot stamping must also be guaranteed, for example: the hot stamping of the substrate is suitable for properties, the performance of anodized aluminum materials, and the quality of hot stamping plates, etc. If there is a problem in a certain link, it will definitely affect the final hot stamping effect, thus making our cover effect unsatisfactory.


In the process of bronzing processing, شركة الطباعة الصينية سوف first select suitable substrates for customers. Then, a bronzing master with more than 10 years of experience in bronzing technology will personally operate the production of each bronzing work. Automatic bronzing machine or semi-automatic bronzing equipment will be used by the master to fully grasp the performance and the desired bronzing effect. The product's paper-separated hot stamping and the tolerance of the hot-bearing materials must be subjected to multiple comparison tests each time, and it is confirmed that the high-quality hot stamping effect is obtained before mass production operations.


BookPrintingChina, an expert in عرف طباعة كتاب بغلاف مقوىfor more than 20 years, has a brand-new imported hardcover book linkage production line equipment, and more than 20 unique post-printing processes. Focusing on the experience that each process presents to us, the high-quality bronzing effect coupled with the art of binding is the interpretation of our works. Feel free to الاتصال us لمعرفة المزيد about hardcover book printing at any time.